About the School

The School of Public Health is designed on a 'hub and spoke' concept that links it to many sister schools in the university including medical, nursing, pharmacy, food technology, management, environmental engineering, science and humanities. This mutually beneficial understanding gives students the advantage of a well-rounded learning experience.

The Public Health programs are designed for graduates, who aspire to be leaders andprofessionals in public health, and are aspiring to reach high-level roles nationally andinternationally. Our students come from all parts of India and International students fromthe far East. They have relevant academic and work experience. Majority of our studentshave a prior health related degree, and we also have students from various disciplines likeArts, Humanities and Engineering. We have doctors and Public Health Officers nominatedfrom various States and Union Territories of India.

The School of Public Health intercepts into many inter related disciplines, which have keyelements in common that bring us together. The School of Public health is a powerfulmedium through which we can bring equality into an unequal world.


Emerging as a center of excellence in the 10 years of genesis, our faculty brings experience from multiple disciplines and has hands on expertise in local, national, and international health settings. Our capabilities in research, knowledge and practice have been tested from time to time and proved successful.