College of Physiotherapy

The ability to move is as vital as life. No one knows this better than those specially trained by the SRM College of Physiotherapy. With an active involvement in the community, your skill will be called upon to enhance, study or even rehabilitate the movement of others.

The College of Physiotherapy has an experienced faculty team that specializes in orthopaedics, sports physiotherapy, neurology, paediatric neurology, biomechanics, cardiorespiratory, hand rehabilitation, community rehabilitation, and obstetrics and gynaecology. Emphasis on interactive learning ensures that every student gains an interest in the science of physical movement and participates wholeheartedly in the theoretical and clinical sessions.

Teaching Methodology

The sessions themselves will involve a balance of clinical training, bedside clinics, clinical meetings, journal clubs, clinical case studies and project work, as well as active community-based rehabilitation. Students will also find exposure through guest lectures, panel discussions, symposia, seminars and workshops for hands on training throughout the year.

The Continuing Physiotherapy Education (CPE) Program is specifically designed to arm postgraduates and CRRIs with advanced physiotherapy knowledge, while at the same time reminding them of the basics. Students are kept constantly on their toes through guest lectures by international faculty and regular workshops and seminars.

All-round development is the mantra. Besides coursework, clinical trials and serving the people, the Physiotherapy College takes pride in the co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements of the students. With leisure and group activities, they never feel the burden of the curriculum. The college also conducts yoga classes to help students relax body and mind.


The undergraduate program, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, introduces students into several fundamental areas of knowledge and skill in the physical diagnosis technique. It is designed to instill a love for the subject and to groom a student into developing an attitude that is essential for the practice of physiotherapy and proper treatment. Besides theory, emphasis is laid squarely on practical courses, clinical work, fieldwork, community visits and projects.

The Master of Physiotherapy program explores the field of physiotherapy in depth, giving equal importance to application and research. The program instructs students in the application of advanced clinical sciences in problem solving, designing, implementing and monitoring appropriate therapeutic interventions. Students undertake individual research projects and are taught to apply scientific principles to the concepts of health, illness and disability.

Students also work with the community through regular health education programs, field visits and extension activities that the college conducts. The curriculum is flexibly designed with a variety of elective options that they can choose with the guidance of a highly qualified faculty.

Clinical Training

Students will find clinical training an invaluable supplement to the theoretical sessions. At present, the college gives its students training through:

  • SRM Medical College Hospital
  • SRM Physiotherapy Outpatient Department
  • The Banyan
  • Tie-ups with other hospitals like Kilpauk Medical College Hospital and Stanley Hospital
  • Guild of Service - home for the physically handicapped.

Students are encouraged to actively involve themselves in academic research as well as projects for which funding can be arranged. Experienced faculties are always at hand to guide and assess their work. The faculty is encouraged to take up research that involves students.

Extension Activities

Extension activities serve a fundamental purpose in learning physiotherapy. Bringing students close to real people will sensitize them through health awareness and community development programs and social work camps in nearby villages and schools.

  • Accredited with 'B' grade in the year 2006 by NAAC
  • SIRPAM 2004, South Indian Regional Physiotherapy Conference organized with the sincere efforts of the principal, staff and students of the Physiotherapy Department
  • A student secured the gold medal in the Utkal exams conducted by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists
  • Students secured university ranks in the B.P.T. and the M.P.T. programs
  • During the SRM 21st National Junior Athletic Championship in the college, the Physiotherapy department took care of the 3,000 participating athletes.

A clinic was set up in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium and 198 athletes were treated. An exhibition on sports, health and nutrition raised awareness among the gathered athletes and trainers on the latest trends in sports medicine and healthcare.


A vital cog in any medical team, a physiotherapist counselor provides patients with disabilities with a reason to live. Physiotherapists can practice individually or work as part of a group in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and even fitness clubs. In the sports arena too, physios are gaining importance. Nearly 50% of the college's outgoing students are admitted by universities abroad to pursue their higher education.