Vision and Mission,PEO


To emerge as a World renowned Pharmacy Institute focused on knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research by exposing students to a unique learning experience and for the betterment of society.


  • Evolve as a world class Educational Institution in Pharmacy by process of collaboration and innovation.
  • Training Pharmacy students to achieve professional standards that are ethical and research oriented through multidisciplinary approach.
  • Develop innovative methodology to provide consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry in an endeavor to adopt modern advances in the Pharmaceutical domain of health care.

Program Educational Objectives

Upon completion of the course, graduates will have:

  • Acquired high quality technical education through innovative teaching and research programs.
  • Thorough knowledge in various fields of Pharmaceutical sciences catering to the needs of Pharmaceutical industry, community and hospital pharmacy with necessary skillset.
  • Effective communication skills and capability to be leaders in health sectors with ethical attitude, communication and teamwork.