Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The economic boom has also brought with it an increased demand for cosmetic plastic surgery, which the department provides on a large scale with an affordability, that no other institution in the city can match. Students are trained to be masters in the techniques of plastic surgery. As the hospital is on the busy national highway, a number of orthopaedic trauma cases that require reconstruction, especially for lower limb trauma, arrive at our doors.

Students will be under the tutelage of an accomplished plastic surgeon, Dr. A. Thamil Chelvan, MS., Mch., DNB, FAIS, and are supported by his specialized team of faculty that have several years of experience in actual practice.


Undergraduate students have sessions on plastic surgery, along with surgical classes, during their final year. M.D.S. postgraduate students from SRM Dental College in Ramapuram are involved in clinical postings in plastic surgery during their course of study.