Neurology and Neurosurgery

New discoveries are being made rapidly on how the nervous system affects our senses and motor functions. The scope of study is immense and the department is already progressing on the path of scientific research. The department has seen a variety of cases related to brain, trauma and spine. Besides routine cases, advanced procedures are being carried out for head injury, brain and spinal tumours and chronic SDH. The Neurosciences Department includes 2 sets of faculty: neurosurgery and neurology. During their final year, undergraduates are also involved in the study of head injuries and clinical neurology.


The department encourages research and several studies are underway. Currently, the department is collaborating with Newcastle University in the UK in conducting Surgical Trial in lobar ICH (STITCH).

Continuing education

The department hosts conferences and seminars, inviting international faculty to participate and expand the knowledge pool. For instance, in December 2006 the department also hosted the international conference SLEEP MED 2006. Some of the eminent persons who have engaged the department are:

  • Dr. Elice Rivilin, Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology (Manchester, UK)
  • Dr. Neury, Professor of Neurology and Brain Function Unit (Manchester, UK)
  • Professor Sudhansu Chokroverty, Professor and HOD of Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Robert Wood Johnson Medical College (Seton Hall University, USA)