This super specialty division in cardiology was started in 2006. Since its inception, the Cardiology Department has provided the best cardiac care services possible. Medical students are given valuable instruction on the disorders of the heart and blood vessels.

Service to the community

  • Cardiac screening and treatment for 250 to 300 patients every month in the outpatient department
  • Cardiac screening of around 280 students on World Heart Day, 2006. A grant of Rs. 1 crore was allotted for needy patients by the Vice Chancellar Mr. P. Sathyanarayanan during the celebration
  • World Health Day, 2007 was presided over by Chancellor Mr. T. R. Pachamuthu. A team of 10 eminent cardiologists of the state interacted with the public regarding cardio vascular diseases and its management.

Inter-departmental assistance

The department is integral to the hospital in terms of cardiac diagnosis and care. Many patients are referred from general medical/surgical wards of other specialties. The department also provides cardiac assessment for non-cardiac surgeries.

A future center of excellence

As an acknowledgement of the vital role of cardiology and the potential of this department, plans are being laid to transform it into a center of excellence. A budget of Rs. 25 crores is been allotted for expansion interms of acquiring state of art equipment used in diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases.