About the department

Pedodontics is an age defined specialty that provides primary and comprehensive, Preventive and Therapeutic oral health care for infants and Children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

Goal of the Department

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to

  • Identify and differentiate between normal and abnormal somatic dento - facial and psychological growth and development
  • Understand child’s  behavior and anxiety and be able to communicate and manage children who exhibit apprehension and moderately disruptive behavior using behavioral and pharmacotherapeutic techniques
  • Diagnose and plan appropriate therapy for common oral health problems in children
  • Provide treatment for mental, physical and emotionally handicapped children and also for the medically compromised patients
  • Recognize and manage medical emergencies commonly encountered in children and adolescent undergoing treatment
  • Develop a preventive program for an individual patient

Teaching Activity of the Department

  • Student to teacher ratio is 4:1 Each faculty member spends an average of 5 - 6 hours daily with the students. Students are assessed from time to time by class tests and internal assessment exams. Case discussions, demonstrations, group discussions, viva and seminars keep the students updated about any topic any time.
  • Project works are also given to improve their creativity in pediatric field.
  • Students are given clinical topics and expected to do an extensive research in that area which they present as papers / posters in various conferences.


An ongoing research is in process to find a new root canal filling material in collaboration with Department of Nanotechnology.

Laboratories and facilities

  • The bright and cheery décor makes the department a child friendly zone.
  • Play area to put children at ease.
  • Treatment techniques on dummy models before progressing to real patients.
  • Exclusive pediatric dental chairs with attached LED TV for child’s comfort
  • Full-fledged Conscious Sedation unit set up within the department