Public Health Dentistry


Dental Public health is the science and art of preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts.  It is that form of dental practice which serves the community as a patient rather than the individual. SRM Kattankulathur dental college has an independent functioning public health dentistry department catering services to the population. Outreach activities are being conducted on a regular basis from the department and in association with the two satellite clinics.
Goals of the Department
  • Accelerate the building of the science and evidence base and apply science effectively to improve oral health.
  • Build an effective health infrastructure that meets the oral health needs of all people and integrates oral health effectively into overall health.
  • Remove known barriers between people and oral health services.
  • Use public-private partnerships to improve the oral health of those who still suffer disproportionately from oral diseases.
  • Prevent and control oral and craniofacial diseases, conditions, and injuries and to improve access to related services. 

Teaching Activity of the Department

Teaching involves theory and clinical postings. Each faculty members spends an average of 5 to 6 hours daily with the students. The teaching modality involves

  • Determination of what the students should learn and be able to do at the end of class.
  • Designing the specific activities you will use to get students to understand and apply what they have learned.
  • Prepare several different ways of explaining the material (power points, models, visuals, etc.) To catch the attention of students and appeal to different learning styles.
  • Asking specific questions in order to check for understanding

Clinical practice involves case discussion and emphasizing preventive needs to the patients. Other activities includes visit to the rural and urban health centers and dental camps. The department is equipped with a fully air conditioned mobile dental van with two dental chair and public addressal system 

Ongoing Research

  • Food safety and hygiene practices among food vendors in Chennai city
  • Incidence of  low birth and preterm babies among women affected with periodontal diseases
  • Students attitude towards didactic dental courses
  • Approaches, attitude, knowledge, and challenges of the dental fraternity towards tobacco cessation
  • Oral health knowledge, nutritional value and practices and periodontal disease statues among diabetic patients