Clinical Psychology

Mental health problems are continuously on the rise owing to change in life style, habits and mounting stress in personal/occupational/social domains across various sections of the society. M.Phil in Clinical Psychology will provide training to develop the ability to understand and explain human behavior and relationship. It examines the psychopathology and assessments of clinical disorders such as anxiety, alcohol dependence, schizophrenia, eating disorders, personality disorders, trauma, during childhood and adulthood. Supervised training within the SRMMCH clinical setting is the essential part of the course that prepares one towards professional services in clinical psychology.

The aim of this course is provide professional training in clinical psychology that will lead to a career in this area. It includes training in psychopathology assessment and therapeutic intervention. The course includes training in psycho-diagnostics, psychotherapy, Rehabilitative services and to work towards promoting the well-being and quality-of-life of individuals.

The course is developed as a rigorous two-year program with extensive theoretical inputs and widespread clinical experience to acquire the necessary skills in the area of Clinical Psychology. On completion of the course, the trainee is expected to perform the following functions:

  • Diagnose mental health problems.
  • Conceptualize specific adult and child mental health problems within a psychological framework, giving due
  • Consideration to psychosocial/ contextual factors, and carryout relevant treatment/management.
  • Apply psychological principles and techniques in rehabilitating persons with mental health problems and disabilities.
  • Work with the psychosocial dimensions of physical diseases, formulate and undertake focused/targeted psychosocial interventions.
  • Work with community to promote health, quality-of-life and psycho-logical well-being.
  • Undertake research in the areas of clinical psychology such as, mental health/illness, physical health/diseases and relevant societal issues viz. misconception, stigma, discrimination, social tension, gender con-struction, life style etc.
  • Undertake responsibilities connected with teaching and training in core and allied areas of Clinical Psychology.
  • Undertake administrative and supervisory/decision-making responsibilities in mental health area.
  • Provide expert testimony in the court of law assuming different roles.