About the Department

The department was started in April 2015 under the aegis of the Dr. K Sridhar, Pro Vice-chancellor SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre after the approval of Shri Ravi Pachamoothoo, Chairman, SRM group. 

Objectives of the department

To set up a world class Translational science institute which will accelerate translational and clinical research to improve and impact human health in a meaningful way 

Mission Statement

Ignite the spirit of discovery of highly charged inter-disciplinary research coupling clinical, translational and community based investigation
Inspire trainees and young faculty, encouraging not only scientific productivity but also dedicated translational and educational career path.
Integrate the efforts of the clinical and the research faculty.
Infrastructure and Informatics build-up to potentiate and accelerate this ambitious program.
The initial hiring included a full time research scientist Dr Manjunath Kamath PhD and a part time Consultant Dr Shantanu Patil an Orthopedic Scientist with over 15 years of research experience in Translational research at Scripps Clinic and Research Institute, La Jolla, California. After 6 months, Dr Patil was appointed as full time Head, Department of Translational Medicine & Research (TM&R) in October 2015. Space for the department was identified and demarcated on the fourth floor of the SRM Medical College building. After meticulous initial planning, work was begun in earnest from October 2015. Despite setbacks in schedule due to the devastating floods in Chennai in December 2015, infrastructure and equipment acquisition continued diligently. The department is now poised on full functionality and 2 more engineers have been hired as research assistants. A full time attendant who has been trained to run and monitor the 3D printing service has also been transferred from another department.