A good physician has to be a good pharmacologist. Students gain a thorough knowledge of medications & all the aspects of pharmacology like pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, clinical pharmacology, therapeutics, adverse drug reactions etc.

With well-qualified and experienced faculty guiding them, students can look forward to an interesting course. The faculty keep themselves up-to-date by participating in national and international conferences and presenting scientific papers. This in turn keeps students updated.


The curriculum is a healthy mix of theoretical and practical work for both undergraduate and MD post graduate students.. Students are expected to take up projects and attend clinical classes. They are also given the opportunity to learn new concepts through seminars, group discussions and CME programs. Interactive sessions encourage students to present their understanding of the subject. Faculty members put the audiovisual facilities of the lecture halls to good use in keeping the sessions lively.

Undergraduate students are made familiar with the usage of medications commonly prescribed in dentistry. Since prescribing drugs is an important daily routine for a medical professional, training in writing a proper prescription is also part of the curriculum.


Research in the Department of Pharmacology has to be seen within the context of the therapeutics. Efforts are made to promote research through cross disciplinary interactions and collaborative links between the Departments, Institutes, and Research Centers. 

The Department's focus is reflected in its research as it is in its teaching. Research is organised around:

  • Clinical pharmacology
  • Adverse drug reaction and its monitoring
  • Basic and experimental pharmacology

Completed Research Projects

  • “Effect of Vetiveria zizanioideson experimentally induced dyslipidemia” by Dr Sangeetha Raja , Guided by Dr.R.Jamuna Rani, Prof & HOD.
  • Evaluating the efficacy of memantine on improving cognitive functions in epileptic patients receiving antiepileptic drugs : A double blind placebo controlled clinical study” – by Dr Priya M, Guided by Dr.V.Sathyanarayanan, Professor.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Comparative study of safety and efficacy among metformin with gliptin, metformin with voglibose, metformin with glimepride combination therapy in treatment naïve type II diabetes mellitus patients” – by Dr.P.Kala ,Guided by Dr.R.Jamuna Rani, Prof & HOD
  • “Effects of Gliptins in and Beyond glycemic control in type II diabetes mellitus patients : A Prospective study – Dr.Ramya Ravichandar , Guided by Dr.R.Jamuna Rani, Prof & HOD
  • “Evaluation of Memantine for Migrain prophylaxis” by Dr.K.Kranthi, Guided by Dr.V.Sathyanarayanan, Professor.


Short Term Studentship 2013 – Completed Projects

  • “Comparison of safety efficacy and tolerability of ACE inhibitors, B-blockers and Calcium channel inpatients with hypertension” – by K.Aadhira, II MBBS, SRM Medical College – Guided by Dr.R.Jamuna Rani, Prof & HOD,
  • A drug utilization study of Antibiotic in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of a Tertiary care Hospital” – by K.Padma, II MBBS, SRM Medical College
  • Prescribing Pattern of Antibiotics and Susceptibility of the pathogens in conjunctivitis” – by Supritha Nimmala, II MBBS – Guided by Dr. Satyajit Mohapatra, Asst. Professor of Pharmacology, SRM MCH & RC

Clinical Trial (sponsored)

Multicentre, Randomized, Single-Blind study to evaluate the immunogenicity, reactogenecity & safety of the Live attenuated rotavirus vaccine Rotavac as a 3 dose series when administered simultaneously with or without the buffering agent following in healthy infants” by Dr. Satyajit Mohapatra, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, SRM MCH & RC (Principal investigator)

A vital role

The department plays a pivotal role in the SRM Medical College Hospital by providing other clinical departments with a variety of services:

  • Drug information for clinical departments
  • Patient treatment assessments by monitoring drug levels
  • Complete drug formulary for clinical reference
  • Adverse drug reactions and its monitoring
  • Clinical trials conducted in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies