About the department

Forensic medicine brings the investigative capabilities of modern medicine to the aid of law and justice. Here students will have to apply their knowledge of the various sciences to the human body.

Students are exposed to techniques and rare aspects of forensic medicine through debates and conferences. In January 2007, for example, a CME program was conducted by inviting an Australian forensic pathologist for an insightful discussion on clinical forensic medicine. Students of II M.B.B.S. won laurels at the inter-collegiate mock court trial held at Meenakshi Medical College, Kancheepuram in March 2007.

Faculty members too are encouraged to regularly expose themselves to the international scene. Many of them have presented papers at regional and national level conferences. The professors are associated with regional and national organizations like the South India Medico-Legal Association (SIMLA), the Tamil Nadu Medico-Legal Society and the Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine.


The research laboratory gives you access to all the resources you need for research and a highly qualified faculty who are always at hand to guide you.