General Medicine


If specialties form the cornerstones in medicine, then general medicine provides the fundamental base for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This department works round-the-clock, taking care of both inpatients and outpatients at the hospital and bringing students in vital medical contact with patients.

Here students gain sound knowledge of the various systems in use in the hospital for patient monitoring and care. This exposure is supplemented by the theoretical sessions with the help of advanced teaching techniques and learning aids that are present in all the lecture halls. These facilities are put to good use by the practicing faculty that make up this department. The faculty members, besides practicing medicine, conduct Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs and attend national and international conferences to exchange knowledge on the progress made in different areas of medicine.


The undergraduate program trains students in medical skills and inculcates in them respect for human life. Their curriculum takes the form of regular bedside clinics followed by frequent assessments. Students are thrown into problem-oriented teaching sessions during outpatient clinics, challenging them to use their knowledge to come up with a diagnosis and treatment.

Research and projects

The department has already initiated several projects in the research arena. Two projects in the field of diabetics are currently on the anvil. In collaboration with the Ophthalmology Department, the faculty is conducting a study on diabetic neuropathy. Soon a diabetic foot clinic will be started in association with other departments. A bronchial asthma clinic and hypertension clinic will also be started. Postgraduate courses and Diploma NB in Medicine are in the offing.

Community health

The faculty are actively involved in providing health checkups to students as well as community members in and around the Kattankulathur campus through frequent medical camps. The camps spread awareness about diabetes mellitus, hypertension and dyslipaedemia. Health checkups are also conducted in companies to screen employees for diabetic hypertension.