SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre



Scientific Writing


Title of the Lecture: Scientific Writing


Time:09am to 11am

Venue: Hospital Seminar Hall, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Potheri

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ishima Badhwar, M.Tech, M.B.B.S, Research Manager and Clinical Consultant

Number and Type of Participants: 150 faculty members and students

Audio Visual Aid Used: Overhead Projector, PI System, Computer, etc.

Method of Teaching:

Lecture, Interactive Session, Hands-on Training,


At the end of the Hands-on Lecture and Training, the faculty members and Under graduate and post graduate medical students will be able to

  • Enhance their understanding on Scientific Writing
  • Familiar with various components involved in scientific writing
  • Handle medley software of reference management
  • Understand the requirement of various journals in publishing empirical and scientific articles

The brief lecture cum hands-on training began with introduction by Dr. M. Logaraj, MD, Professor and Head, Community Medicine Department, in which he introduced the guest lectors to the participants and briefed on the framework of scientific writing, how to write research reports and articles and various methods to be adopted while writing research reports, articles and editorial and blogs and letters to medical journals. Immediately after his introductory speech, Dr. Chitra, HOD, Department of Library, fleetingly shared the participants with carrier journey of guest lecturer and how she now could be a consultant to various internationally recognized journals and research institutions. Later, Dr. Ishima Badhwar, began the session by throwing a question to participants on when to begin writing the introductory part to any research article. She elicited few points from participants, with which she started explaining what is scientific writing, how it contributes to different fields which want changes, especially in medical field. She continued to explain onhow to write original articles, review articles, case studies, letters, communication, methods and procedures. She also pointed out how the general structure of scientific articleshould be, and its various components such as Title, abstract, introduction, Methods, results, discussion and conclusion, Acknowledgementwriting, references and supplementary documents. She also focused on the inclusion of various important aspects in every component of scientific articles, especially methodology, results and discussion parts. She also pinpointed certain protocols of various journals that they expect from authors submitting articles to their journals. She further showed a lot of model research articles and how to visit and search articles from different search engines on internet. At the end of the lecture, a brief introduction on medelley software and its usage in citing references in research articles was given to participants and they were requested to open their Notebooks and follow some instruction to install the free software. Having installed the software, they were taught on how to get research articles from diverse search engines and how to use them and write references in the articles they write as part of their academic activities. The participants also had hands-on training and practiced for a while.


The lecture cum hands-on training program was in fact beneficial to all the faculties and students participated in it. The session has especially facilitated many students to have glimpse on academic writings and learn various skill involved in writing research article and reports and using software for referencing.