Lesson Plan

Odd Semester Lesson Plan 2015 - 2016
B.Tech III Semester
ME1007 Thermodynamics
ME1008 Manufacturing Technology
ME1009 Fluid Mechanics
ME1010 Mechanics of Solids
ME1012 Machines and Mechanisms
ME1013 Computer Aided Design and Analysis
ME1102 Robotics Engineering and Applications
ME1125 Process Planning and Cost Estimation
ME1220 Basic Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
V Semester
ME1019 Fundamentals of Vibration and Noise
ME1021 Heat & Mass Transfer
ME1022 Meterials Technology
ME1023 Gas Dynamics and Space Propulsion
ME1025 Fluid Power Control
ME1103 Mechanism Design, Analysis and Synthesis
ME1105 Design for Manufacture and Assembly
ME1121 Modern Manufacturing Techniques
ME1127 Flexible Manufacturing System
ME1128 Non Traditional Machining Techniques
ME1129 Operations Research
ME1148 Alternative Sources of Energy 
ME1151 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME1154 Thermal Power Systems
ME1195 Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Concepts
ME1196 Nuclear Radiations and its Application
ME1208 Non Destructive Testing
ME1225 Renewable and Sustainable Energy
ME1227 Energy Conservation
VII Semester
ME0401 Economics & Principles of Management
ME0403 Metrology and Quality Control
ME0405 Design of Transmission Systems
ME0407 Computer Aided Manufacturing


Even Semester Lesson Plan 2016

ME1008 Manufacturing Technology
ME1009 Fluid Mechanics
ME1010 Mechanics of Solids
ME1011 Applied Thermal Engineering
ME1012 Machines and Mechanisms
ME1017 Computer Aided Design Laboratory
ME1121 Modern Manufacturing Techniques
ME1128 Non Traditional Machining Techniques
ME1130 Foundry Engineering 
ME1148 Alternative Sources of Energy
ME1152 Internal Combustion Engines
ME1154 Thermal Power Systems
VI Semester
ME1019 Fundamentals of Vibration and Noise
ME1020 Mechanical Engineering Design
ME1021 Heat and Mass Transfer
ME1023 Gas Dynamics and Space Propulsion
ME1025 Fluid Power Control
ME1225 Renewable and Sustainable Energy
ME1226 Energy Auditing
ME1227 Energy Conservation
VIII Semester
ME0021 Modern Manufacturing Techniques
ME0023 Production Management
ME0024 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
ME0025B Process Planning and Cost Estimation 
ME0027 Flexible Manufacturing System
ME0029 Foundry Engineering
ME0068 TQM and Reliability Engineering
ME0073 Fatigue, Fracture Mechanics and Creep