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Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics


Conservative Dentistry is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the conservation of teeth in the mouth. It embraces the practice of operative dentistry and endodontics and includes various kinds of direct and indirect restorations of individual teeth in the mouth. The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics offers undergraduate, Interns as well as postgraduate programs. The department has state-of-the-art technology, dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff and infrastructure to render effective and predictable services to patients.

It is a branch of dentistry concerned with preservation of teeth in the oral cavity. The department deals with restoration of the affected teeth and in providing an aesthetic smile. The department of conservative dentistry and endodontics in SRM institute of science and technology, kattankulathur offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. An undergraduate student starts to learn this subject from the 1st year. Initially training is given in an inanimate object and theoretically learn the subject about various advancements in this subject. Students start treating patients from 3rd year. The student is trained in such a way that they learn to deal with the problem in a more scientific way. They create a strong foundation. The department has brilliant library and an outstanding group of professors who train the students for a better future and to become a great dentist. The department has a great technology and a great laboratory that helps for better treatment. The postgraduate programme is a 3-year course that teaches the student in detail about the subject. They focus on esthetic dentistry, endodontic therapy and surgeries like root canal treatment. The students are encouraged to do research , attend conferences in national and international level.

Goal of The Department

  • The primary goal of this department is prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sequelae of dental caries and the other defects of natural teeth; techniques and procedures to restore the teeth to full function and appearance in an aesthetically pleasing manner with as little loss of the healthy tooth structure as possible with periodic check up as routine practice.
  • Performing root canal treatment and associated surgical procedures to rid the tooth of its offending malady. The treatment provided includes various fillings, root canal treatment surgical endodontics, endodontic implants, bleaching, & management of traumatized teeth.
  • Performing specialized, high-end demanding aesthetic procedures.
  • To train undergraduate students to a level competent in the restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of the dentition.
  • To encourage undergraduate students to undertake independent research and to develop an attitude to practice innovative treatment protocols.
  • To train postgraduate students to a level proficient in the restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of the dentition, to promote learning environment through appropriate leaching methodologies and assessment tools.
  • To encourage and promote innovative research and publication.
  • To promote collaboration with various institutions and disciplines.
  • To provide optimal supervision of students by well-qualified staff through workshop and continued staff development programmes.
  • To develop a critical mind for reading and understanding scientific literature and manufacturer's advertising claims.

Teaching Activity of The Department

Undergraduate Study

The faculty trains the undergraduate student in the subjects of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics as part of their B.D.S. curriculum. Upon graduation, the students are expected to be capable of assessing a patient’s general and oral health and of formulating a comprehensive treatment plan, which might include components from other dental disciplines. 

The course will enable the student to acquire knowledge of the relevant clinical literature, to develop a scientific approach to solving problems. The course contains didactic, practical & clinical components, and taught to a high standard. The course will provide a foundation for successful clinical practice, or a stepping-stone toward an academic career.

Post Graduate Study

The department offers full time post- graduate study over three years, which is specialized & beyond the scope of general practice, with emphasis on restoration of appearance, occlusal form & function, esthetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, endodontic therapy & surgeries- The successful completion would lead to the award of the Master's degree. The postgraduate course involves case discussions, weekly journal club meetings, clinical-theoretical seminars, literature review, lectures and an independent research study which would lead to the submission of a dissertation to the university. In addition, the post graduate students are actively involved in the teaching of undergraduate students as well in active patient care. The research component of the course is also emphasized upon with participation and presentations in national as well as international conferences being mandatory. Department is also equipped with dental operating microscope under which post graduates are allowed to do special cases.


  • Development of novel biofiller for composite resin restoration
  • Development of bioadhesive resin in dentin bonding agents.

Future Endeavours

  • To establish a state of art microsurgical endodontic studio.
  • To establish aesthetic and smite design clinic with power bleaching facilities.
  • To start a cosmetic dentistry course and encourage interdisciplinary research and treatment.

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Laboratory

A state of the art fully installed ceramic division and restorative Dental Laboratory capable of doing specialized laboratory work helps students to deliver a comprehensive treatment. 



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