Study Abroad Program

A key differentiator of SRM’s national and international standing is its Study Abroad Program (SAP). In order to remain competitive as a leading education provider and to prepare itself to play a dominant role in the growing globalization of education, it is proposed that SRM adopts a new equity based merit cum means program to help those who cannot afford the SAP program and derive benefit from it.

 Currently SRM’s SAP covers around 100 students per semester and is international in scope with exclusive tie ups with institutions of higher learning in the USA, Europe, UK, Australia and other advanced countries. It is recommended that SRM introduces a new merit cum means program with suitable branding under a new Scholarship scheme (name to be decided), so as to augment the existing successful SAP program and to project the University's commitment to equity in education.

The main obstacle in expanding the students’ access to studying abroad is economic. Hence financial support will go a long way in providing access to more eligible students