11th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium

14 - 18, July 2019




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About the Department

Department of Automobile Engineering was established in the year 2004. This is an industry driven department nurtured with young and dynamic faculty members. The department functions hand in hand with the industries for the development of laboratory, projects, teaching and research. Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, buses, trucks and electric & hybrid vehicles and their respective engineering subsystems. Automobile engineering offers one of the most challenging careers today. Driven by the high demand for vehicles, automobile engineers have career opportunities across the world. The course gains significance for those who are passionate about automobiles, especially since Chennai is the automobile hub of India.

About IEEES 11

The 11 International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium (IEEES-11) is an initiative aimed at bringing together the academicians, researchers, scientists, technocrats and practicing engineers in the eld. As a confluence of many disciplines, this International Symposium/Conference serves as a forum that promulgates ideas, experience, and knowledge of the fellow researchers and engineers working on sustainable energy systems across the globe. It is worthy to note that IEEES-11 covers a diverse assortment of cutting-edge topics, including Clean Coal Technologies, Renewable Energy Technologies, Smart Energy Systems, Alternative Fuels, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies, Nuclear Energy, Desalination Technologies, and Environmental Technologies.
The IEEES-11 increases the visibility and advancement in futuristic and cleaner technologies like Green Energy, Renewable Energy, Environmental Science and e-mobility. Other highlights are Smart Cities, Green Building, Energy Management Systems, and Desalination Technologies. It also addresses the societal and environmental threats, unveiling the challenges in the Life Cycle Assessment, CO Reduction Technologies, 2 Bio-Waste Utilization, Nuclear Energy and Fuels for Transportation that includes Synthetic and Third Generation fuels. During this symposium, more emphasis will be given to the “Green Transportation and Sustainable mobility”, beneficial for the new development of sustainable technology for thermal comforts and green transportation vehicle. A special session will be hosted on the importance of Hydrogen Production and Utilization/Storage Technologies, Fuel Cell Technologies and the challenges involved in its implementation in the mobility sector.
This is the eleventh symposium, which is to be held in SRM IST, Chennai, India. Previous successful editions were held at Izmir, Turkey (2003); Kos, Greec (2005); Evora, Portugal (2007); Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (2009); Luxor, Egypt (2011); Eurasia, Turkey (2013); Valenciennes, France (2015); Antalya, Turkey (2016); Split, Croatia (2017) and Katowice, Poland (2018). Topics and new trends will be introduced through several keynote lectures that will be presented by internationally recognized experts.