ICONN 2019     January 28-30

Full paper Submission

Contribution to ICONN 2019 can be published as special issue in the following journals. Participants can submit their manuscript to the following journals depending on their suitability. All contributions will be peer reviewed for publication.

1. Applied Surface Science (Impact factor 4.4)

Submission Link: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/applied-surface-science

Submission Window: 01-Dec.-2018 to 28-Feb.-2019

2. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing (Impact factor 2.5)

Submission link: https://www.evise.com/profile/#/MSSP/login

  • First-time user will need to register;
  • Please select special issue short title “VSI: ICONN 2019” during submission process;
  • Please follow the step-by-step guide in completing the submission procedures

Submission Window: 01-Jan.-2019 to 15-March-2019

3. Materials Research Express(Impact factor 1.5)

Submission Link: : http://iopscience.iop.org/journal/2053-1591/page/Focus-Nanoscience-Nanot...

Submission Window:Last date of submission to MRX is extended until 15 May 2019