ICI AWARDS 2020 – ULTRATECH Concrete Day and Construction Excellence Awards


ICI Outstanding Student Chapter Award

The institute is in a state of grandiose and dignified for having received the most prestigious award of ICI Outstanding Student Chapter award in a line this year 2020-2021 too. This award would not have been achievable without the tiresome efforts of the passionate faculties and the assertive students of the Department of Civil Engineering. They organized several technical and non-technical events in association with the ICI. Totally organized 20 technical guest lectures and 13 national level interactive workshops, attracted a colossal quantum of audience. To boost the student's practical exposure, we had routed 4 local visits and 2 outstation site visits for the benefit of our students. To add on to this exploding package, we host the National level ICI Civil fest titled "CONCRETUS 20", which drew royal recognition by attracting students from different institutes.
Also, 19 competitions for the students were organized by the department in association with different technical bodies. Regardless of the adverseness of the COVID-19 pandemic curtailing them, they made this happen again.

Outstanding Concrete Teacher Award - 2020

The Outstanding Concrete Teacher Award – 2020 presented to Dr. K. Gunasekaran, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology. He was awarded Ph.D. in 2011 for the work done on a special lightweight concrete developed using coconut shell as coarse aggregate. He also developed coconut shell crusher; Published 4 patents and 52 publications in the reputed journals; wrote 3 textbooks related to concrete technology and its applications. Guided 4 Ph.D. and presently guiding 7 Research Scholars in the field “Concrete Technology”. Produced many lightweight concrete products such as: Hollow blocks, Solid blocks, Paver blocks, Tiles, Manhole cover slabs, Pipes, Fencing Posts, Slabs, Doors, Water tanks, Roof panel, and Dust bin. He has many professional memberships and received many awards for his contribution on “Concrete Technology”.

Outstanding Master’s Thesis in the Field of Concrete

The ICI Chennai chapter - UltraTech Awarded to SRMIST to bagged the third runner up for two Master’s thesis:

  1. For the thesis done by Mr. G. PREM KUMAR, M.Tech student on  “Experimental Study on Thermal Insulation Building Using Rat Trap Bond with Blended Cement Mortars” under the guidance of Dr. L. KRISHNARAJ, Assistant Professor / Civil.

This thesis addresses a very relevant problem on thermal insulation, Fly ash grade F is pulverized into ultra-fine particles and replaced partially with cement and used in the mortar samples. Then the mortar samples are used in the masonry walls as a bonding agent and its tested for thermal insulation property. The results show the effective performance of rat trap bond when compared to the conventional brick bond. 

  1. For the thesis done by Mr. R. NIRANJAN, M.Tech student on  “Experimental Study of Retarding Mechanism and Influence of Zinc Sulphate in Fly Ash Concrete Composites” under the guidance of Dr. L. KRISHNARAJ, Assistant Professor / Civil.

This thesis makes several significant contributions in green concrete, Fly ash grade F is pulverized into ultra-fine particles and replaced in varying percentages with cement and used in the concrete samples. Zinc sulphate salt is used as a retarding agent in the concrete and its percentage of adding into the concrete is optimised. Its mechanical properties and characterization studies were made, and its performances are better than the conventional concrete specimens.



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