Call for papers


Original research papers are invited in the following areas. The submitted full-length articles will be published in high-impact journals/open access Scopus indexed proceedings after meeting the standards of the respective journals. Researchers who wish to submit papers in SCOPUS/SCI indexed Proceedings have to bear the publication charges. The details of journals will be updated very soon.

Check the conference website for Journal updates.

The major themes (A-D) cover the following sub-themes.

The major themes (E, F) cover the following sub-themes.

  • Advanced Materials Processing and characterization

  • Materials, Design, and Structures

  • Energy production and storage materials

  • Bio-inspired materials and systems, Biomechanics

  • Polymers and soft matter

  • Computational Mechanics

  • Surface Science and Engineering

  • Metals, Alloys (including HEAs), Metallurgy

  • Electronic Materials, liquid crystals, sol-gel materials, high-k dielectrics

  • Superhard-yet-tough coatings

  • Materials under extreme conditions

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Synthesis of nanomaterials and characterization.

  • Deformation mechanisms

  • Studies in mechanical and indentation testing (size effects, phase transformations, etc.)

  • Fabrication of micro- or nanoscale objects using FIB/lithography or any novel preparation method

  • In-situ mechanical testing techniques

  • Crystal plasticity modeling, MD simulation, discrete dislocation dynamics simulation

  • Mechanical behavior of nanostructures, layered materials, thin films, composites, organic crystals, and coatings

  • Fatigue and fracture testing of materials

  • Mechanical testing of soft and biomaterials, metals and ceramics

  • Materials testing in harsh environments

  • High-pressure research on materials


ICAMMC 2021 announces Best Poster and Oral Presentation Awards for the Posters and contributory talks judged by the experts considering the scientific rigor, contribution to the field, and overall presentation. 

Note: Submitted papers will be sent to review immediately. The last date of submission means, researchers can submit their work till that date. All papers will get published as soon as they are accepted. We will not hold any submitted manuscript articles till the deadline.

The list of journals are,



Accepting Manuscripts at

1. Materials Characterization (Elsevier)

Impact factor – 4.342

No publication charges

Focus issue: Microstructure-property correlation of Advanced Materials

Mandatory: Microscopic imaging, and analysis


The Journal focuses on all characterization techniques, including all forms of microscopy (light, electron, acoustic, etc.,) and analysis (especially microanalysis and surface analytical techniques). Developments in both this wide range of techniques and their application to the quantification of the microstructure of materials are essential facets of the Journal.


The submission website for this journal is located at:


It is important that authors select VSI: ICAMMC-2021 when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process. 


Guide for Authors on the journal homepage

Last date for submission: April 1st, 2022

2. Journal of Applied Physics (AIP)

Impact factor - 2.389

No Publication charges

Focus issue: Advances in Multi-Scale Mechanical Characterization


Click Link for submission

Submission website:


Last Date for submission: March 31st, 2022

3. Ceramics International [Elsevier]

Impact factor – 4.527

No publication charges

Focus Issue: Advances in Functional and Structural Ceramics: Development, characterization, and applications


Ceramics International covers oxide and non-oxide ceramics, functional glasses, glass ceramics, amorphous inorganic non-metallic materials (and their combinations with metal and organic materials), in the form of particulates, dense or porous bodies, thin/thick films, and laminated, graded, and composite structures. Process-related topics such as ceramic-ceramic joints or joining ceramics with dissimilar materials, as well as surface finishing and conditioning are also covered. Besides traditional processing techniques, manufacturing routes of interest include innovative procedures benefiting from externally applied stresses, electromagnetic fields, and energetic beams, as well as top-down and self-assembly nanotechnology approaches. In addition, the journal welcomes submissions on bio-inspired and bio-enabled materials designs experimentally validated multi-scale modeling and simulation for materials design, and the use of the most advanced chemical and physical characterization techniques of structure, properties, and behavior.

Accepting Manuscripts at


Deadline: May 10, 2022

4. Nanotechnology (IOP)

Impact factor – 3.874

No publication charges

Focus Issue: Advances in engineering and characterization of nanostructures and atomically thin layered materials


Nanotechnology encompasses the understanding of the fundamental physics, chemistry, biology, and technology of nanometre-scale objects.


Accepting manuscripts:


November 01, 2021 - May 01, 2022


Click Link for Submission:


5. Materials Science and Engineering B (Elsevier)

Impact Factor – 4.07

No publication charges

Focus Issue: Nanostructured materials and devices: Synthesis, properties,

characterization, modeling, and applications


It publishes original studies and reviews related to the calculation, synthesis, processing, characterization, and understanding of advanced quantum materials such as low-dimensional materials, topological materials, meta-materials, correlated electronic materials, and novel magnetic materials, as well as how these materials can be utilized in the construction of novel devices like quantum computers, quantum sensors, spintronics, and optoelectronics devices. Studies including demonstrations of these devices are also welcome.

Opens on November 15th, 2021

6. ECS-Journal of Solid-State Science and Technology (IOP)

Impact Factor – 2.07

No publication charges

Focus issue: Advances in energy, electronic and dielectric materials development: From Methods to Applications


Covers fundamental and applied areas of solid-state science and technology, including experimental and theoretical aspects of the chemistry, and physics of materials and devices.

Accepting Manuscripts:


Submit your manuscript here:

There is a prompt to select a focus issue during the submission process.

Last Date for submission: May 31st, 2022

7. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science


Impact Factor: 1.7

No Publication Charges


The Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science advances the understanding of both the fundamentals of engineering science and its application to the solution of challenges and problems in engineering.


It is dedicated to the publication of high-quality papers on all aspects of mechanical engineering science and is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Submit your manuscript here:

Ends by March 31st 2022.


8. Materials Today Proceedings [Elsevier]

Cite score: 1.8

SCOPUS and Web-of-Science Indexed

Publication charge: 30 USD (~2700/- Indian Rupees, Including GST)

Note: Article publishing charges should be borne by the authors. Payment can be made upon acceptance of the abstract.

Template: Download from here.

Article length: Min. 3 pages – max. 10 Pages

No author may contribute more than 2 papers to any single conference proceedings

Accepting manuscripts


Deadline: March 30th, 2022


1. The submission website for this journal is located at:

2. Authors must select “SI:ICAMMC 2021” when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process.

3. Authors may use the template uploaded here to create their articles.


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