About the Conference

The ICAMMC 2021 is being organized by the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology & Mechanical Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST), Chennai in association with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc); Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras; IIT Delhi; IIT Indore; and IIT Hyderabad; ASM International Chennai Chapter, The Indian Institute of Metals Chennai Chapter, Indian Ceramic Society and sponsored by Bruker Corporation, USA, Ostec Instruments, Russia, Industron Nanotechnology, India and Science and Engineering Board, Govt. of India and SRMIST.

The ICAMMC 2021 covers a wide range of emerging inter-and multi-disciplinary topics in developing advanced materials and their characterization at multiple length scales, manufacturing, and growing applications of innovative materials. It is an international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, computation, synthesis, fabrication, and characterization of advanced materials in structural, microstructural, small-scale mechanical aspects (not limited to), structure-property correlations, and technological applications. It is a common platform to present and discuss path-breaking research ideas and is expected to be an interface between academia and industry for societal needs.


Developing new materials with attractive and superior properties than conventional materials is crucial for designing highly efficient, compact and durable products, a clean environment, clean energy, etc. The reliability and performance of the advanced and miniaturized devices in various fields requires in-depth knowledge about their properties; that is possible only by the advanced in-situ experimental techniques and/or simulation methods. Along with other processing, fabrication, and characterization techniques of advanced materials, the ICAMMC 2021 focuses on recent developments in in-situ mechanical testing of small-volume materials and more complex specimens under complex loading conditions. In addition, materials joining, metal forming and mechanical behavior, additive manufacturing, iron and steel technology, ceramics, integrated computational materials engineering, functional and biomedical materials, materials characterization, and surface engineering and coatings will be covered in this conference.

The conference welcomes contributions from researchers, scientists, industry practitioners to share their new ideas and original research results and experiences. We look forward to the active participation of the research community.

The major themes of the conference are:

A) Advances in Manufacturing and Materials Design

B) Soft and Biological Materials

C) Surface Engineering and Coatings

D) Functional Materials for Energy and Electronic Applications

E) Computational Mechanics

F) Multi-scale Mechanical Characterization

Special Session: Crystal Engineering: Mechanical Properties of Organics


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