1. Establish a model agricultural campus in Acharapakkam with an integrated “Eco-Agriculture-Food Systems” farm for hands-on training of students, farmers and interested visitors.
  2. Establish New Departments of Agroecology / Crop Health / Natural Resource Management for Research and Higher Education
  3. Introduce hybrid diploma courses for the first time In India (Study the nexus between food, nutrition and protective health measures; horticultural therapy for healthy life; herbal farming and technology).
  4. Introduce innovative diploma courses (commercial nursery and seed production by physically-challenged persons; urban agriculture, soil health care; water- saving agriculture'; natural nutrient sources for agriculture.
  5. Introduce Energy Crops, Biofuels in curriculum and research
  6. Establish a Horticultural Therapy Centre at Acharapakkam.
  7. Establish a Organic Botanical Garden and conducting annual shows on eco-agriculture and food systems and their impact on human nutrition and health.
  8. Introduce Summer Schools on Agroecology for school students.
  9. Introduce half a day workshops for creating awareness on Agroecology for Corporate Executives
  10. Organize international /national symposia, workshops, e.g. System of Rice Intensification; eco-agri-food systems for sustainable food production and nutrition for health; horticultural therapy for healthy life
  11. Create "New Extensionists" for community based extension with knowledge on agricultural markets.
  12. Provide opportunity for general public to understand Agroecosystem.