SAE is a global association of more than 128,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. Our core competencies are life-long learning and voluntary consensus standards development

Mission: To advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.

Vision: SAE is the leader in connecting and educating mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions.


SAEINDIA is India's leading resource for mobility technology. As an individual member-driven society of mobility practitioners the ownership of SAEINDIA wrests with its members who are Individuals from the mobility community, which includes Engineers Executives from Industry, Government Officials, Academics and Students.

SAE’s Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competitions take students beyond textbook theory by enabling them to design, build, and test the performance of a real vehicle and then compete with other students from around the globe in exciting and intense competitions. All CDS competitions prepare undergraduate and graduate engineering students in a variety of disciplines for future employment in mobility-related industries by challenging them with a hands-on, team engineering experience that also requires budgeting, communication, project management, and resource management skills. Students also gain valuable exposure with recruiters from leading companies in the mobility industry to help land their first engineering job after graduation.

Vision & Mission

  • We are the most preferred technical body for knowledge dissemination & skill development of mobility professionals, students, and faculty
  • We are a trusted think-tank advising policymakers on Mobility-Related Matters
  • We are a self-sustaining Society with more than 10% of Mobility Professionals as Members
  • We are a nimble and Professional Organization Creating Value for Mobility Engineering Community

Member Benefits

Why should you Join SAEINDIA?

Be a part of a National organization with a link to SAE International, whose benefits are geared specifically to the needs of the mobility engineering community. Your formal education and professional development will be enhanced through your SAEINDIA member benefits. Many of these benefits and opportunities are outlined below.

  • SAEINDIA is one of the few professional engineering societies whose membership represents practically every engineering and scientific discipline. Its members combine their specialized abilities to further advance the research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land and water and in air and space.
  • Membership provides for regular members to have access to emagazine- either Automotive Engineering International or Aerospace Engineering magazine. These award winning magazines target hot topics about ground vehicle and aircraft developments to provide members with a valuable resource for keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology in the mobility industry.
  • Members can purchase SAEINDIA and SAE International technical papers and publications at member discount prices.
  • Members receive free registration at SAEINDIA's lecture meetings and exhibits. This unique benefit puts the members in touch with other professional engineers and suppliers who determine the future of the expanding mobility industry worldwide.
  • SAEINDIA regularly plans and offers many career development activities such as job fairs, career enhancement sessions, resume/recruitment boards, and resume database services. Professional development seminars are also available at special member discounted rates, as well as undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs.
  • Access vital high-tech mobility information through renewal registration fee for attending SAEINDIA National and International Congress.
  • Network with industry leaders and corporate officials at SAEINDIA meetings and local section activities.
  • Save Rs.2500 to Rs.10000 while attending SAEINDIA professional development business and TOP TECH Programs.

Membership Classification & Benefits

Applicants to SAEINDIA are reviewed by the Membership Grading Committee to determine their experience, level of engineering involvement and educational background before they are accepted and assigned as member, associate member or affiliate grade.


Listed below are the qualifications for each grade of SAEINDIA membership as stated in the Bylaws:

Member Grade:

This grade shall be composed of persons having a qualified College or University degree in Engineering and a minimum of five(5) years of professional technical experience or having the required equivalent years of technical education and professional technical experience or who have rendered distinguished service and are having noteworthy accomplishments in the area of Mobility Engineering or who have been members of SAEINDIA or IAE (India).

Associate Grade:

This grade shall be composed of persons having a qualified College or University degree in Engineering or having the required equivalent years of technical education and professional technical experience but have not yet attained the experience and level of responsibility to qualify for grade of member or who have been Associate members of SAEINDIA or IAE (India).

Affiliate Grade:

This grade shall be composed of persons whose affiliation supports the objectives of SAEINDIA but do not meet the requirements for Members and Associate Members or who have been Affiliate members of SAEINDIA or IAE (India). Applicants who are elected to either Associate or Affiliate grade may apply for a grade transfer after they have obtained more experience in the mobility engineering field.

Events for Professional Members

Events for Student SAE Members:

Events for School Children’s:

Baja SAE

In Baja SAE, engineering students are tasked with designing and building a single-seat, all-terrain sporting vehicle that is to be a prototype for a reliable, maintainable, ergonomic, and economic production vehicle that serves a recreational user market. The students must function as a team to design, engineer, build, test, promote, and compete with a vehicle within the limits of the rules.

SAE Supra

The event provides a platform for students to apply their engineering skills to design and construct a Formula category vehicle as per defined performance and safety specifications. SUPRA SAEINDIA 2017 comprised of a series of Static and Dynamic events spread over five days, concluding with a final Endurance run.

SAE Aero Design Challenge

The SAE Aero Design competition is a real‐world design challenge designed to compress a typical aircraft development program into one calendar year, taking participants through the system engineering process of breaking down requirements. It exposes participants to the nuances of conceptual design, manufacturing, system integration/test, and sell‐off through demonstration.

SAE Tractor Design Competition

Unique Engineering Design Competition for Students with a realistic 360-degree workplace experience.

Students gain practical technical experience in the areas

  • Design of drive train systems
  • Tractor performance
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Analysis of tractive forces

For further more details just click on the below links




About SRM SAE Collegiate Club

The SRM SAE Collegiate Club is the foremost Techno - Management club affiliated to SAEINDIA and is highly student driven. It was formulated on the basis of the core values and vision of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and strives to bring about a positive change to the society.

It is led on its path to improve technical education and awareness by three very prominent and efficient Faculty Advisors, namely, Dr. M. Cheralathan, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, SRM IST and Chairman, SAEINDIA Southern Section, Mahindra World City Division and Prof. P. Baskara Sethupathi, Assistant Professor (Sr.G), Department of Automobile Engineering and 3 time Treasurer of SAEINDIA Southern Section, Mahindra World City Division and also Champion of SAEINDIA BAJA event and Dr. R. Murugesan, Assistant Professor (Sr.G), Department of Mechanical Engineering and Managing committee member of SAEINDIA Southern Section, Mahindra World City Division for 2020 – 2022.

The SRM SAE Collegiate Club supports all the activities of SAEINDIA and has conducted numerous events like SUPRA, BAJA, Aero Design Challenge and the newly launched, Tractor Design Competition, apart from SAEINDIA Student Convention Tier I, II & III events.

Student members have also shown great initiative and support for continuous improvement and have upheld the SRM & SAE name in all their endeavors.



Dr. A. Thilagaraj                                           

Assistant Professor (Sr. G)

Area: Commerce
Affiliation: Faculty Of Science And Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Kattankulathur.


Ph.D. Commerce Madurai Kamaraj University, 2009
M.Phil. Commerce Madurai Kamaraj University, 1997
M.Com Commerce Madurai Kamaraj University, 1995
MBA Marketing Madurai Kamaraj University, 2010
MBA Finance Periyar University, 2012
PGDMM Marketing Annamalai University, 1998
B.Com Commerce Madurai Kamaraj University, 1993

Other Details:

Research Interests

  • Human Resource Management
  • Systems

Selected Publications

  • Floriculture – A Blooming Time Kisan World Nov.’2009 0971-9229
  • Higher Education: Demands of a Knowledge economy University News Dec. ‘ 2010 0566-2257
  • Green Revolution – for Nation’s Economy Kisan World April’ 2009 0971-9229
  • Aviation Industry: Low cost carriers driving the growth Facts for You June’ 2010 0970-2652
  • Litchi:  High Potential for this favoured fruit Facts for You January’ 2011 09702-652
  • Edible oils: Demand-Supply gap continues Facts for You Feb.’ 2010 0970-2652
  • Co-operative Marketing in India an overview Tamil Journal of Co-operation Sep.’ 2009
  • Milk production in India: an Overview Kisan World Feb.’ 2011 0971-9229
  • IT Industry: Performance and Future Facts for You Dec.’ 2010 0970-2652
  • Turmeric: The Golden Spice Facts for You April’ 2009 0970-2652
  • Solar Energy Kisan World May’2010 0971-9229
  • Export Trade: An Outlook Facts for You Sep.’ 2009 0970-2652
  • Child Labour in India – A Road Ahead Kisan World April’ 2010 0971-9229
  • Steel: Potential Untapped Facts for You March’ 2010 0970-2652
  • Tourism – A Potential Game Changer Indian Journal of Applied Research December’ 2015 2249-555X Impact Factor:3.6241
  • An Overview of Flood Management ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research January’ 2016 2231-5780 Impact Factor:3.25
  • Go Green – ‘Let’s Green the Plant’ International Journal in Management and Social Science January’ 2016 2321-1784 Impact Factor:4.358
  • Tool for Marketing CRM Reader Shelf April’ 2008
  • A study on quality analysis of selective oil corporation SMART Journal of Business Management Studies Jan.-June’ 2012
  • Customer satisfaction towards mobile banking –A Study Indian journal of applied research Feb 2018 2249-555X
  • Tourism-strength of Indian economy Indian journal of applied research Jan 2017 2249-555X

Papers Presented

  • E-Commerce Sustainable tool in today’s Context VHNSN College 2407.2015
  • Human Rights & Women Employment VHNSN College 19.12.2015
  • Make in India – Boon to Manufacturing Sector Quaide Milleth College 7.1.2016
  • LPG and the challenging Face on Human Resource Annai Mathammal Sheela College 26.02.2011
  • Study on Equity analysis of Selected oil companies Bharathidasan University 8.1.2011
  • Role of Microfinance in Poverty Deduction Pondicherry University 27.01.2011
  • A study on Perception of the employees relating to the job satisfaction at standard fireworks SRM University 28.02.2013
  • Corporate spinoff – A risk and return Karpagam University 24.09.2009
  • Human Rights – Robust Roles VHNSN College 7.8.2008
  • Global retail industry – The way for retail future Nehru Institute 8.10.2010
  • Role of government in the development of rural entrepreneurship St.Xavier’s College 26.02.2010
  • The role of government in transnalization efforts of Indian SME’s VHNSN College 22.02.2010
  • Indian corporate government system – A key instrument Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College 5.2.2010
  • The Corporate governance the financial crises Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College 5.2.2010
  • Impact of CRM in business sector Acharya Institute 12.2.2012
  • Micro finance institutions in India VHNSN College 6.1.2011
  • E-Learning:  Trend and emerging Technologies RVS Institute, Coimbatore 28.01.2011

Academic Experiences

  • Sri. S. Ramaswamy Naidu Memorial College September 1997 to December 2010 13 years and 6 months
    College of Business Management December’ 2010 to June’ 2011 6 months
    SRM IST July’ 2011 to Till date



Mrs. B. Priyalakshmi
Mrs. B. Priyalakshmi

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)
Phone: 044- 27412152 / 27412153
Area: Electronics and Communication Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering
Affiliation:Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Kattankulathur Campus, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)


M.B.A. Human Resource Management Anna University, 2010
M.E. Communication Systems Anna University, 2004
B.E. ECE  Madras University, 2001

Other Details:


  • Data Communication networks & Protocols
  • High Performance Networks
  • Digital Communication
  • Satellite Communications
  • Broad band Communications
  • Communication Theory
  • Information theory and coding
  • Wireless communication
  • Electron devices and circuits
  • Digital signal processing
  • Digital video broadcasting
  • Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Digital logic circuits

Research Interests

  • Wireless Communication and Networking
  • Image processing

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Custom made Breathing Sensor for the early detection of  SIDS(sudden Infant Death Syndrome), B.Priyalakshmi , Vinay Padavala, Huazhong Keji Daxue Xueba/Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Natural Science Edition),May 2021,ISSN 1617-4512, SNIP:0.25
  • A Safe Health System Using Different Body Sensors with LI-FI Technology, B.Priyalakshmi , Vinay Padavala, Shameed Babu.P, Bhuwan Nainiwal, Huazhong Keji Daxue Xueba/Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Natural Science Edition),April 2021,ISSN 1617-4512, SNIP:0.25
  • Robokart for visually impaired people, B.Priyalakshmi,S Murugaveni,  S. Umamaheswari, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021,
  • “Facial emotions recognition system for autism”, S.UMAMAHESWARI, S. Vijayananth , B.         Priyalakshmi, Jayachandran.M, Janga Vijay, Takkallapally Sai Shodhan Rao , Test Engineering And       Management ,ISSN: 0193-4120 Page No. 2185 – 2189, May – June 2020
  • “Interference cancellation for underwater environment”, Priyalakshmi, B., Reddy, G.D., Raju, V.P., Teja, N.R., Reddy, G.S, Volume 8, issue 2S4, (2019)International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering,(2019).SCOPUS.
  • “S.Murugaveni, B.Priyalakshmi and K.Vijayan ,”Energy efficient Routing and peer to peer trust assessment for increasing the network life time in Delay tolerant networks”.July 2018.SCOPUS
  • “Co-operative detection for malicious nodes in under-attack WSN”, Vikas, S.R., Priyalakshmi, B., Gautam, N., Potti, S, volume7 (2), pp. 489-491(2018) ,International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE). SCOPUS.
  • “Wireless multipurpose robot”, Agarwal, I., Priyalakshmi, B., Mundhra, Y., Pathak, M,volume  7 (2), pp. 224-226 (2018), International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE). SCOPUS.
  • “Recognition of ear based on partial features fusion”, Vidyasri, R., Priyalakshmi, B., Ravi Raja, M., Priyanka, S,Volume 10 (2), pp. 105-120, (2018) International Journal of Biometrics. SCOPUS.
  • “CPW fed ultrawideband antenna with band notched performance for polarization diversity”, Murugaveni, S., Priyalakshmi, B., Vijayan, K., Mukunthan, S,volume 9 (Special Issue 17), pp. 895-902, (2017) Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems. SCOPUS.
  • “Ear Authentication System Using SURF Systems”,Cyril Jose Knifaharan R. and Priyalakshmi B.Volume : No.10 (2017) Issue No. :10 (2017), Pages : 111-117. March 2017, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications. 
  • “Design Of Slotted Antenna For Wireless Agriculture Applications”, S.Murugaveni and Priyalakshmi.B, Volume :No 10(2017) published in April 2017 , International Journal of Control Theory and Applications.
  • “Reduced complexity by incorporating sphere decoder with MIMO STBC HARQ systems”, Priyalakshmi.B and S.Murugaveni , Volume 9, Issue 34, 2016, Pages 417-421 International Journal of Control Theory and Applications,. SCOPUS.
  • “Fabrication of Low-Cost Antenna for RFID Applications”, Iswarya A,B.Priyalakshmi International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Vol. No.9, Issue. No.5, 2016 ,SCOPUS.
  • “Mini UWB-Bluetooth Antenna Design with Band-Notched Characteristics”, B.Priyalakshmi , J. Kirthi , Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 9(1),  January 2016, SCOPUS.
  • “Minimum Overhead with Secured Routing Using NCPR in Ad Hoc Networks”, B.Priyalakshmi and K.Bhavya,  International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562, Volume 10, Number 6 (2015), SCOPUS.

Conference Publications

  • “Navigation Tool for the Blind”, International Conference on Recent Advances in Manufacturing Engineering Research ICRAMER 2021,April 15-16, 2021
  • “Performance analysis of different modulation technique for underwater environment", International conference on advance scientific innovation in science engineering and technology ICASISET 2019,April 20,2019.
  • “Co-Operative Detection For Malicious Node In WSN”, National Conference on Microelectronics, Embedded Systems and Communication,2018.
  • “Placement and Usage of Antennas for Optimal Underwater Communications”, National Conference on Microelectronics, Embedded Systems and Communication,2018.
  • “Data falsification detection in WSN”, international conference on innovation in signal processing and communication,2018.
  • “Ultrasonic blind walking stick” International conference on innovation in signal processing and communication,2018.
  • “Wireless multitasking robot” International conference on innovation in signal processing and communication,2018.
  • “Energy efficient routing and peer to peer trust assessment for increasing the network lifetime in delay tolerant networks” International conference on research development in engineering science and technology,2018.
  • “Wireless Multipurpose robot”, National Conference on Microelectronics, Embedded Systems and Communication,2018.
  • Ear Recognition By Fusion Method ", VidyaSri R, Ravi Raja M, Priyanka S, Priyalakshmi B,  COMSPRO - 2017 (Major Project Design Contest) conducted in the Department of ECE on 28 th April,2017.
  • “A New SURF Based Ear Recognition System Using Feature Extraction” R Cyril Jose Knifaharan and Priyalakshmi B, IEEE WiSPNET 2017 : March 2017. 
  • “Recognition on Ear based on Partial Features  Fusion”,VidyaSri R, Ravi Raja M, Priyanka S, Priyalakshmi B, International conference on recent trends in computing and information technology(ICRTCIT),pp.1,March 2017. 
  • “Design and fabrication of RFID antenna tag using paper substrate for low-cost RFID applications”, Iswarya A, Priyalakshmi B, Proceedings of 2016 Online International Conference on Green Engineering and Technologies, IC-GET 20161 May 2017, Article number 79167162016 Online International Conference on Green Engineering and Technologies, IC-GET 2016; Coimbatore; India; 19 November 2016 through ; Category numberCFP16E65-ART; Code 127641. 
  • “Air pollution in Delhi:Its Intensity and Effects on Health”, Vidyasri.R, Ravi Raja M, Priyanka.S, Priyalakshmi.B,  SDNC 2016,Oct 18,19 2016
  • “Incorporating sphere decoder with MIMO STBC HARQ system”, Ramya Bujunury, Asiya FarhathH, Pushpa Kumari and Priyalakshmi B, ICONTECH 2016,International conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics Communication and computing technology, May 2016 
  • “Design and Fabrication of low cost RFID antenna on a paper substrate using conductive ink technology”, Priyalakshmi B, Iswarya A, International Conference on Green technologies in Power generation”, Communication and instrumentation, ICGPC '16 , March 2016. 
  • “Customizable Virtual Keyboard Laser tracking based keyboard”, B.Priyalakshmi,Achari Ayyappan , Shubho Jyoti Chatterjee, Aniruddha Maiti, International Journal of Research in Information Technology (IJRIT),2014
  • “Customizable Virtual Keyboard”, International Conference on Signal Processing, B.Priyalakshmi,Achari Ayyappan , Shubho Jyoti Chatterjee, Aniruddha Maiti ,  Embedded System and Communication Technologies and their applications for Sustainable and Renewable Energy (ICSECSRE ’14)
  • “Pilot Design based Channel Estimation for IEEE 802.11ad Wireless Communications at 60 GHz”, Rajarshi Banerjee, B.Priyalakshmi and Dr.T.Rama Rao ,  International Conference on Signal Processing, Embedded System and Communication Technologies and their applications for Sustainable and Renewable Energy (ICSECSRE ’14)
  • “Dual Band Antenna Design for Pulse Shaping in UWB Cognitive Radio”, N.Vishnuvardhan B.Priyalakshmi ,  International Conference on Signal Processing, Embedded System and Communication Technologies and their applications for Sustainable and Renewable Energy (ICSECSRE ’14).
  •  “Signal and Image De-noising  through double density discrete wavelet transform”, Vimala.C,Priyalakshmi.B,Murugaveni.S,  International Conference on Smart Technologies for Materials, Communication, Controls, Computing & Energy ICST – 2013,2013
  • “Corona Noise in High Voltage Power Line Communication (PLC) using OFDM”, B Priyalakshmi, Abhishruti Bhuyan,  International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology (ICRTET-13),2013.


Patent application no : 201941052842

Published Date : 27.12.2019



Academic Experiences

  • Assistant Professor, Senior Grade, SRMIST, July 2012  to Till Date.
  • Lecturer, SRMIST, June 2005-2012.
  • Lecturer, Adiyamaan College of Engineering,2004-2005.
  • Lecturer, Government College of Engineering, Bargur, 2001-2002.

Online Courses Completed

  • Coursera- The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking,2019
  • Coursera-Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python.2019
  • NPTEL- Communication network Protocol.2018
  • Mathworks-Solving Ordinary Differential Equations with MATLAB.2018
  • Wireless Communication Emerging Technologies Yonsei University,2018
  • Fundamental of Google Android Device ,Alison ,March 2017.
  • Signals and Systems Part 1, July –Dec  2015
  • Signals and Systems Part 2, July –Dec  2015
  • EE210.1x: Signals and Systems, Part 1 December 21, 2015 IIT Bombay, India.
  • EE210.2x: Signals and Systems, Part 2 December 28, 2015 IIT Bombay, India.
  • ISSCC Previews - Circuit and System Insights, 30-Nov-2014 15-Mar-2015
  • 20220214x: Principles of Electric Circuits,21-Feb-2015 13-Jun-2015
  • Computer networks- CourseraApril 2014
  • ELEC1200.1x: A System View of Communications:From Signals to Packets, Part 1,16-Sep-2014 13-Nov-2014
  • Cryptography I- Coursera, Jan 6th 2014
  • Linear Circuits- Coursera, Jan 6th 2014
  • Internet History, Technology, and Security Feb 3rd 2014
  • Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing Mar 31st 2014
  • ELEC301x: Discrete Time Signals and Systems- ,May 9th, 2014
  • Digital Signal Processing- Coursera, Oct 7th 2013

Workshops /Seminars/Conferences Attended

  • Workshop on Multi-carrier Modulation Techniques, 18th October 2010, Dept. of ECE, SRM University.
  • One-Day Workshop on MIMO-OFDM Wireless Systems, 28th August, 2010, Dept. of ECE, SRM University.
  • Workshop on High Impact Teaching Skills – Mission 10x, 2010, Dale Carnegie Training, Wipro
  • 98th Indian Science Congress, 3rd – 7th 2011, at SRM University.
  • One-Day Faculty Symposium on MIMO-OFDM Wireless System, 27th January 2011, Dept. of ECE, SRM University
  • Workshop on Ansoft Tools for High Frequency Design and Simulation     Department of TCE         10th October 2011
  • Agilent ADS RF & MW Design Engineering WorkshopDepartment of Telecommunication Engineering in association with Agilent TechnologiesTwo Days – 29th & 30th September 2011
  • Seminar on Communication Perspectives of Mobile Robotics Department of  Telecommunication Engineering 29th August 2011
  • Participation in   2-WEEK ISTE WORKSHOP on Basic Electronics by e-out reach team, MHRD, IIT Bombay in the year 2011
  • Workshop on Ansoft tools for High Frequency design and simulation-10 0ct 2011
  • Participation in 2 days workshop on Writing Effective Conference Papers by e-outreach team, MHRD,IIT Bombay
  • Workshop on MATLAB programming SRM University. 11-12 JULY,2013
  • Recent Advances in Millimeter Radio Communications-RaMmCom’2012,Department of Telecommunication Engineering in association with IEEE Communication Society Madras Chapter and Gonzaga University and sponsored by Agilent Technologies and Benchmark,Two Days - 6th and 7th February 2012
  • Seminar on Wavelet Transform in signal processing ,Department of Telecommunication Engineering,29 th March 2012
  • Radio Frequency ,Antenna Applications and Measrements Symposium/ Department of Telecommunication Engineering/SRM University , August 25-26th 2014
  • International Tropical Meteorology Symposium (INTROMET - 2014),21-24 February 2014
  • Workshop on SCILab-SRM University20 Feb,2015
  • NI's Multisim Workshop/ SRM University, 30th JUNE-01st JULY  2015
  • One day hands on Training session on “How to get started with Optisystem”, 29th September 2016, Departement of ECE in association with GigaSoft India.
  • Train the Trainers on Life skills,FDP,2017,KCE Coimbatore
  • Modelling and simulation of next generation optical communication and networks,workshop,2017 SRMIST
  • Speech signal and image processing,Workshop,2017,SRMIST
  • Hands on training on network simulator 2,Workshop,2017
  • Question paper setting procedures and good practices,FDP,2017,SRMIST
  • An Executive overview to AGILE SCRUM and KANBAN,Workshop,2018KCE ,Coimbatore
  • Underwater Optical Communication and Modelling of Photonic and Photovoltaic Devices ,27-28 July 2018 at SRMIST in association with OSA.
  • ISCA –workshop on paper, project and patent writing –Venue SRM university.2018
  • Smart Wireless Technologies: A Perspective view on 5G Challenges and Opportunities, 2-3 August 2018,SRMIST
  • Technical Writing and Publishing with Advanced Computer Tools: Hands on Training, 8-9 September 2018, IIITDM, Kancheepuram.
  • The Research Publication Workshop -1 st  April 2019,SRMIST.
  • “Spreading knowledge through Light’-16 th MAY 2019,SRMIST.
  • Recent Trends and Research oppurtunities in 5G and Beyond,SRMIST
  • Understanding OBS Studio & Streamyard for E content Creation and Live Steaming, Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute,2020
  • NAAC Awareness Programme for Faculty,2020
  • Research Challenges and Innovations in Renewable Energy Systems,2020
  • Nuances of Scientific Publishing-webinar,Anurag University,2020
  • Short Term Training Programme on “AUV and Smart Systems”SSN.2021

Achievements and Awards

  • Teachers Day Award-SRM University(2015)
  • South India Armature Radio Society- cleared  Restricted Grade ASOC exam
  • (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology)(Feb 2015)
  • TQM Certificate,8 Feb,2014


  • ISTE Life time member LM91515
  • IETE Life time member M236071
  • ISCA-Annual Member A5985
  • ACCS-Life Member L311F1200363
  • IAENG-Life Member 131785
  • OSI Member 1479
  • IEEE-Annual Member 92424625