Workshop on Optical Profiler

Start: 10-10-2019

Organised by the Central Research Facility (CRF), Directorate of Research, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur.

About the Workshop

"Optical profiler (MicroXAM-800)", the newly installed facility @ CRF, is a non-contact, 3D surface topography measurement system. The white light interferometer generates high-resolution measurements of the surface with angstrom-level resolution. It measures nanometer-level features with phase scanning interferometry (PSI), and sub-micron to millimeter features with vertical scanning interferometry (VSI). All the interested research scholars/prospective users are requested to attend the workshop & get familiarized with the facility. Participants may plan measurements with their samples during the afternoon session. For more details, Click Here .

Program Schedule




9.30 AM

Registration of Participants








Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Hall, 4th Floor, University Building

10 AM

Welcome/ Introductory remarks

Prof. SRS Prabaharan/Prof. B Neppolian

10.05 AM

Introduction to Optical Profiler: MicroXAM-800*

by Dr. Basavaraja,

ICON Analytical Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

11 AM

Q & A/Discussion

11.15 AM





12  Noon

DEMO on MicroXAM-800

002, Ground Floor, Sir C. V. Raman Research Park

Lunch time

2 PM-5PM


Sample measurements#


002, Ground Floor, Sir C. V. Raman Researc