Training Program on Fire Safety Procedures and Handling Fire Safety Equipment

Start: 23-10-2021

A training programme on Fire Safety Procedures and Handling of Fire Safety Equipment was organized for the staff members of Ladies Hostel, by Internal Complaints Committee in association with SRMIST Hostels on 23rd Oct 2021 during 9.30AM – 12.30PM.

The enthusiastic participants were 28 in number and all of them have the responsibility of taking care of hostel services. This training program had two sessions. In the first session, theoretical concepts were discussed and practicing session was there in the second session which was held in the open area in Sister Nivetita Hostels. 

The welcome address was offered by Dr. E. Poovammal, Associate Director (CLLH) at 9.30AM. The resource person of the program was Mr. Chandra Babu, Senior Fire Safety Officer, SRMIST. In the theory session he discussed the basic concepts starting from definition of fire, types of fire etc. He explained about methods of fire handling, components of fire safety equipment, fire triangle…and more.

The second half was a Practical session. In this Practical session fire safety officer had done demo on how to handle the fire extinguisher and also to control the oil fire with the help of wet blanket. Many of the attendees volunteered to practice the safe fire handling methods and they were given chance to perform.

The session was well received by the participants and they again volunteered to thank the resource person and SRM management for the opportunity given to them. The program came to an end at 12.40 PM.