Online FDP on an Insight into Futuristic Aerospace Propulsion

Start: 15-10-2021
End: 20-10-2021

Organized by Department of Aerospace Engineering, SRMIST


This faculty development programme is designed for the current and prospective learners,researchers and academicians. An extensive knowledge in futuristic aerospace propulsion shall be acquired. Also, an overview of the challenges associated with advances in chemical propulsion, green propellants, cryogenics and turbomachinery. Discussion on Dynamics of combustion chambers: nonlinear and stochastic phenomena.
  • Interested participants can register through link provided.
  • E-certificate will be provided to all active participants.
  • Meeting link shall be mailed to registered participants.
  • Attendance shall be recorded through feedback form
  • submission on the day of webinar.
Address For Communication
Dr. T.Selvakumaran, Associate Professor -
Mr. G.Saravanan, Assistant Professor (SG) -
Mr.A.Vinayak Malhotra, Assistant Professor -
Mr.A.Vinoth kumar, Assistant Professor -