National Conference on Rational Use of Medicines - Current Scenario and Way Forward

Start: 08-08-2016
End: 09-08-2016

Organized by Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Date: Aug 08 - Aug 09, 2016 

Venue: Dr.T.P.Ganesan Auditorium, Mini Hall - I

Time: 9:30 am 


The inaugural of National Conference on Rational use of Medicine- Current Scenario and Way Forawed went traditional with lighting of lamp and invocation. Dr. K.S.Lakshmi, Dean, SRM College of Pharmacy, presented the welcome address and expressed her gratitude to the Chief Guest, dignitaries present on the dais, staff and students who were present there. She also gave a brief intro about the proposal of this conference and conveyed a short and catchy observation on rational usage of medicine in this present scenario.

Dr. Chandra Prabha, Director (Health Sciences), SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), highlighted the event initiative with her welcome address. She extended her wishes and appreciation for the organizers for having chosen an important topic for the conference. She insisted on the seriousness present in selection of appropriate drugs and how that should be carried over based on multiple factors. Her focus on how it has become tough for a common man to pay for medicines for any treatment remained thought provoking. She also focused on providing better clinical services for patients in terms of offering the best treatment with less number of drugs in view of reducing the inevitable fatal outcomes. She shared her views on India and the richest resources of medicinal plants available here. Being the second nation to have the richest resources for medicine, she encouraged the budding pharmacists to bring out new medicines which can wipe out the necessity of prescribing multiple medications for a single health issue. She indicated few of the recent changes in drug prescription practices like writing prescriptions in capital letters, stop buying drugs that are not prescribed, usage of apposite font size in printing drug names, etc.

Dr. K Sridhar, Pro Vice Chancellor, Medicine gave an excellent inaugural speech addressing all the issues we face today related to drug usage. His speech was informative, thought provoking as well as entertaining. Dr Sridhar pointed out on the importance of organizing conference on RUM (Rational Usage of Medicine) and explained the practical difficulties in empowering the usage of proper drug instead of prescribing a long list of medicines to overcome one difficulty over the other as a result of adding on medications to treat a health issue. He insisted on enforcement of proper drug recommendation method. According to him, the enforcement should begin at Institutional level and he also suggested on reducing the usage of higher level antibiotics at the casualty.

The Chief Guest Dr R Kannan, Senior Drug Inspector delivered his speech followed by Pro Vice Chancellor (Medical), SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University). He shared the recent measurements taken by Government in abandoning nearly 344 drugs. He also mentioned the irrational combinations of medicines available in the market and the impact of consuming combination medications resulting in ulcer and other complications. He also illustrated certain alternative medications that can be given in the place of lengthy list of drugs.

The inaugural went well and the students also keenly grasped the information shared by guests.