Intra college front office quiz

Start: 27-08-2019

Students of SRM IHM front office club took the initiative to organize a quiz competition which involved everyone from each year.

This quiz was hosted by the Front Office Club Mr.Thomas Koshy. The quiz was categorized into 5 rounds and 4 very interesting topics.

The MCQ Round: Each team was handed out MCQ sheets which had 20 questions. Each team had 15 mins to finish this task. We decided not to give reveal the points for this round but to add them up at the end in case of a tie between teams. 

The picture identifying round: Each teams were given 4 pictures each and had to answer everyone one them to take the lead in the first round which is very very "stressing it more" very very crucial. 

GK round: They were asked 4 GK questions each. These questions were regarding We happen to think that the tempo of this round got the show going and also grapping alot attention from the faculty and the audience .

Hotel brands: The teams were asked to answers questions regarding the history, culture, business, franchises of different hotel brands. We introduced an audio round and asked the teams to guess which company/brand song was being played. Each team were given 2 mins to answer each questions.

Entertainment round: In this round we questions were based on sitcoms, movies and music regarding questions.