Four days workshop on Regression using SPSS

Start: 29-03-2021
End: 01-04-2021

Organized by Centre for Statistics, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur.

Four days workshop on Regression using SPSS

Dates: 29th March to 1st April, 2021.

About the Conference

Regression models are being used with increasing frequency in areas of medicine and health. This program will enable the participants to analyze, interpret and predict the results of their own data. It focuses on developing participant’s proficiency in building and evaluating various regression models in their own fields.

Topics covered include exploratory and descriptive methods, simple and multiple linear regression models, predictor selection, binary and multinomial logistic regression models and survival analysis. The course will have a heavy emphasis on practical applications, making extensive use of SPSS for data analysis.


Prof. M. Bagavandas


Udhaya kumar

Mobile No: +91 8072297359