Start: 08-12-2021
End: 11-12-2021

Four Day Workshop Program On Data Analysis Using SPSS organized by Department of commerce

SRMIST, CSH, Department of commerce conducted the four Day Workshop Program on Data Analysis Using SPSS on 8th to 11th December 2021 from 06:00 to 08:00 p.m. The event started with a welcoming address by the organizing committee wherein they extended a warm welcome to the resource person, participants, and introduced the resource person of the workshop Dr. R. KASILINGAM.

DAY 1 - (08.12.2021)

The first day of the workshop started with basic fundamental details and the choice of statistical tools and its implementation.  The resource person had started the session with, without knowing the proper selection of statistical tool it’s difficult for any researcher to carryon analysis, and also she quoted that statistical tools is an ocean. He said she will give the idea to do correct selection of statistical tool for the right data set. The very clear explanation about classification, identification of variables with the examples.

And sir has also used SPSS software and shown a clear picture of how to check the data types nominal, ordinal, scale variable in SPSS software. Also elucidated the types of analysis in which he gave a deep clarification about Uni variate analysis, Bi variate analysis, Multi Variate analysis. He also enlightened structure of statistical analysis, choosing a statistical test, hypothesis for the nominal variable using SPSS by live working.

DAY 2 -  (09.12.2021)

The session started with types of variable into categorical and metric variables. The lecture mainly focussed on the statistical tools that can be used for category and category variables – Chi Square Test using SPSS. Test of Independence, Test of Homogeneity and Test of Goodness of fit was worked out in the live workshop by the guest to the participants using Somers’s and Gram’s V Techniques and the guest also gave suggestions regarding Chart Editor for tables and graphs that can be used for article works.

DAY 3 -  (10.12.2021)

The resource person had started the session with types of variable into categorical and metric variables. Finally, he made the participants to work out how to do Independent ‘t’ test and One ways Anova, Levene’s Test, Welch Test, Test of Homogeneity, Dunnett Test in SPSS and gave the idea of when and how to use which statistical tool in the live examples.

DAY 4 - (11.12.2021)

The session started with metric and metric variable analysis tool in SPSS using correlation- Pearson’s, Rank Correlation Kendall’s and Spearman’s and Partial Correlation.  At the end of the session the resource person very patiently clarified all the doubts and questions raised and clearly explained with suitable examples. The participants had an opportunity to obtain indepth understanding of various tools and techniques using SPSS in social science research.