FDP on Smart Materials For medical Technology

Start: 17-01-2022
End: 22-01-2022

Organised by Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Bio- Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology SRM Institute of Science and Technology

17th January to 22nd January 2022 Online Mode

FDP on Smart Materials For medical Technology

About the FDP

The Department of Biomedical Engineering, since its inception has been organising various technical events every year to impart knowledge to the students and teaching fraternity about the emerging technologies in health care. This year, the department has planned to organize a faculty development programme in virtual mode with a notion to provide an insight into smart materials. Smart materials offer a major role in the field of biomaterials covering various sensing and actuation applications in healthcare due to their responsivity to external stimuli such as stress, light, temperature, moisture or pH, and electric or magnetic fields. Smart materials are also suitable for harvesting biomechanical energies from human motions, environment or body heat, or shaping of biofuel powered devices. This will open up the horizon for nanoenergy, nanosystems that can themselves act as self-powered sensors or be utilized as power sources for other integrated transducers.

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Dr. T. Jayanthi, Associate Professor, SRMIST

Dr. S. Gnanavel, Assistant Professor, SRMIST

Dr. N Ashwin Kumar, Assistant Professor, SRMIST


Ms. V. Devaki, Research Scholar, SRMIST

Ms. Emy Jessica Sonal Visvesvaran, B.Tech, SRMIST

Ms. A. Victoria Winnarasi, B.Tech, SRMIST

Ms. V. Shri Ranjani, B.Tech, SRMIST


Dr. T. Jayanthi

Associate Professor

Mobile: 9840490315

Mail id: jayantht@srmist.edu.in

Dr. S. Gnanavel

Assistant Professor

Mobile: 90252 68948

Mail id: gnanaves@srmist.edu.in

Dr. N. Ashwin Kumar

Assistant Professor

Mobile: 9962332245

Mail ID: ashwinkn@srmist.edu.in

Department of Bio-Medical Engineering,

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