Energy Management and Control Strategies for Smartgrid

Start: 27-09-2021
End: 04-10-2021

Six Days Online Faculty development programme (FDP) Energy Management and Control Strategies for Smartgrid

Date: 27th September – 4th October, 2021

About Online FDP

In India, major part of the electricity is generated from fossil fuels. Increase in cost, depletion of fossil fuels, reliability and the growth of city infrastructure have become the major problems faced by the current power system industry. Therefore, today's power gird needs to be restructured with the micro-grid. The concept of micro-grid emerges as a new viable solution to meet the energy crisis by integrating distributed energy resources such as solar, wind etc…With various power generation sources and increased load demand, the  future power grid needs to be intelligent and a better understanding of such smart power grid is needed in  terms of generation, transmission and distribution. Therefore, the six days online FDP aims to address the  issues and challenges related to Solar PV design, Grid integration, Control strategy in regulating efficient  energy supply, protection, stability, application of intelligent control techniques to revive the conventional power grid in to smart grid, communication networks and security problems related to smart grid. Hence this  FDP will provide a platform for the participants to carry over rich knowledge on smart grid and explore multi-disciplinary research topics such as grid integration, controllers design using real time software, communication and cyber security.


Important Dates

Last date for registration: 21 September, 2021

Extended date of registration : 26 September, 2021

Information of acceptance: 26 September, 2021


Prof. K.Vijayakumar


Dr. A.Rathinam

Dr. N.Chellammal


Dr. C. Anuradha

Assistant Professor, EEE

Mobile: 9840257150