e-Workshop on Machine learning and Data Science (e-WMLDS-2021)

Start: 11-11-2021
End: 12-11-2021

e-Workshop on Machine learning and Data Science (e-WMLDS-2021)

Organized by the Department of Mathematics, SRMIST

Event Report

The E-Workshop on Machine learning and Data Science 2021 was jointly organized on 11th and 12th of November 2021 by Department of Mathematics and Department of Data Science and Business Systems (DSBS), SRMIST, Kattankulathur. It was organized in association with the school of computing, IET and Institution’s innovation council. The e-workshop started with the welcome address delivered by Dr. B. Vennila, HOD, Department of Mathematics, SRMIST.  She welcomed all delegates and participants to the e-workshop and gave an overview of the programme. Around 300members registered for the e-workshop, from across the states of the country. Eleven Invited keynote speakers addressed to audience and shared their knowledge and rich experience of application of machine learning and data science. The presidential address was given by Dr. Revathi Venkatraman, Professor and chairperson, School of computing, SRMIST. She explored how big data, artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning have become essential in many fields of science and technology and highlighted the role of mathematics and statistics in it. The introduction to the chief guest was given by Dr. M. Lakshmi, HOD, Department of DSBS, SRMIST. The inaugural address was delivered by the chief guest Dr. Khaja Sheriff, Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies, University of Madras.In his talk he recollected his connection with SRM and emphasised the need for data science in day to day life. His talk highlighted the application of machine learning in medical diagnosis and image processing. The e-workshop witnessed 6 invited talks on the first day. The first invited talk was delivered by Dr.Vijay Bhaskar Semwal, National Institute of Technology, Bhopal on the title“Design of Computation model using Machine Learning and understanding Data Dimension Reduction for Model Selection & Fitting “.  He explained in detail about what is machine learning and the role of data science in it. The next invited talk was delivered by Dr. S. Stanley Sagayaraj, HCL Technologies, Bangalore, on the title “Statistical Analysis using python”. He shared his experience in modelling analytical data and explained the basic concepts, followed by application of these concepts using Python. The next invited talk was delivered by Dr.Magesh Kasthuri, Wipro Technologies , Chennai on the title “Lead Generation and Data Analytics to develop next generation CRM solutions”. In this talk he gave a glimpse about the process of Lead generation and added about how it forms a crucial part of enhancing sales in many companies. The afternoon session geared up about R programming and Tableau with hands-on training. Dr.N.Balaji, SRMIST-KTR, Chennai delivered the talk on“Data Analysis using R Programming”, followed by Dr.Geetha S, from VIT, Chennai. She delivered the talk on visualisation using Tableau. This was followed by Dr. V. Sumathy’s, talk on Sentiment Analysis using R from Loyola College Chennai.    

The e-workshop witnessed 5 invited talks on day 2. The second day of e-workshop started with the invited talk delivered by Dr. Abraham Varghese, Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman on the title “Adaptive Neuro fuzzy Inference system”. He elaborately explained about the relationship between neural network and fuzzy logic and made the audience understand the necessity of neuro fuzzy inference system. The second invited talk was delivered by Dr. Jayakrushna Sahoo, IIIT, Kottayam ,Kerala on the title “Time Series Analysis Using Python”. He explained about stationary and non-stationary points of time series analysis and how to reduce the noise before forecasting. The next invited talk was by Dr.Rijo Jackson Tom, Senior Engineer Innovation. Augusta  Hi Tech Soft solutions, on the title “Research directions in Data Science“.  Dr. Rama Krishnan from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College (Autonomous) Chennai spoke on the topic  "R for  PCA & Structural Equation Models". The e-workshop concluded with Dr. Rajesh Mehta Thapar from Institute of Science and Technology, Punjab. He enlightened the audience on Machine Learning and  optimization techniques in image processing. He explained how genetic algorithms are helpful in image processing. This was followed by the valedictory session. Dr. K. Ganesan gave a very short  and warm welcome address. Dr. P. Sampath introduced the chief guest Ishita Malhotra Marketing Analytics specialist, Gartner, Alumnus 2020 CSE batch. She delivered the valedictory address and shared her pleasure in joining the audience. Dr. S. Mohana selvi brought before one’s eyes the two day event in the workshop report. Dr. R. Varadarajan one of the coordinators delivered the vote of thanks. The curtains came down with the National Anthem. All the participants were then requested to take an online test to qualify them for certification. The workshop turned out to be a great success in spite of the heavy spells of rain in Chennai.