Awareness Talk on Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Start: 31-01-2020


Speaker - Ms. Raghavi Senthilkumar B.Tech, Mba, T&D, (Ph.D.), Founder – Headway Foundation, POSH IC Member, Director – Headway Academy

Venue : TP401, SRMIST, Kattankulathur

The Internal Committee ( IC) of SRM Institute of Science and Technology in association with Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized an Awareness talk to help the students to know in detail about the different Rules & Regulations of  POSH  Law.  Two different sessions were handled for boys and girls exclusively. The Awareness talk was delivered by Ms. RAGHAVI SENTHILKUMAR, DIRECTOR – HEADWAY ACADEMY. 

The first session commenced at 10:00am on 31stJanuary, 2020 for girls. The presentation started with a welcome address by Dr. E. Poovammal, Presiding officer, Internal Committee. Ms. RAGHAVI SENTHILKUMAR discussed the Sexual Harassment issues faced by students and women in colleges & universities. She has given awareness on different forms of Sexual Harassment in the workplace, key elements for prevention, How to prevent sexual Harassment, the ‘3p’s’ (priorities, philosophy, purpose).  The speaker ensured that the session was highly interactive by giving different case studies. The presentation successfully ended at 12.00pm. The students were deeply engrossed in the talk and understand what will be the harassment and what not be the harassment. At last, the students had a question and answer session, where the students asked various doubts regarding the Rules and Regulations of POSH. 

The presentation commenced at 12:40 pm on 31st January, 2020 for boys.  The students were told about POSH Mantra, complaints committee, and policy. The speaker has given around 12 case studies and scenarios and ensured that the session was highly interactive. The presentation successfully ended at 2.30 pm. The Department would like to thank Ms. RAGHAVI SENTHILKUMAR, who is also a member of the Internal Committee of  SRMIST for taking out her valuable time in guiding our students in the right direction. Both the sessions were fruitful for the students and mold our students to excel in their life.

Organizing Committee

Ms. M.Eliazer, Dr.M.Uma Devi, Mrs. Ida seraphim, Mrs. B. Sowmiya and  Mrs.Aswathy
Faculty members of the Department of EEE