Awareness program On POSH (Prevention & Prohibition of Sexual Harassment) in work place

Start: 18-12-2021


Awareness program on POSH (Prevention & Prohibition of Sexual Harassment) has become the most significant topic of discussions in the current scenario. Especially in work place with regards to the healthy work environment, socio-economics, and trivialized equity in terms of women empowerment are of crucial concerns in revitalizing human rights. The circulation of several reports related to the problems faced by women makes it clear that harassment against women, across any age group and in any form has never stopped. It throws light on the challenges encountered by women. In India, several analyses reveal that women systematically face discrimination simply by virtue of being biologically soft. The discrimination leads into verbal, physical and sexual harassment.

In this connection, Awareness program on POSH was organized by School of Basic Sciences, College of Engineering and Technology, Internal Committee (IC) & Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), SRM Institute of Science and Technology for research scholars and their research guides in the Department of Physics & Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Maths and English & Foreign Languages.

The kind of Awareness sessions helped the researcher scholars and faculty members to know about the need, mechanism in place and implications of POSH in academic environment. Two distinct sessions were handled for research scholars and faculty members who guide them, respectively. Redressal mechanism was also discussed during the session.

The first session, for research scholars, commenced at 2:00 pm on 18th Dec 2021 and Welcome Address & Speaker Introduction was given by Ms. M. Vishnupriya, Assistant Director-HR, SRMIST, followed by the session. The session resource person was expert member Mrs. Raghavi Senthilkumar Director & Head, The Headway foundation, NGO, Chennai, who is certified POSH trainer.

Mrs. Raghavi Senthilkumar discussed the issues related to Sexual Harassment that are faced by students in general and women in particular. She gave awareness on (i) different forms of Sexual Harassment in the workplace, (ii) key elements for prevention, (iii)how to prevent sexual Harassment and (iv) the ‘3p’s’ (priorities, philosophy, purpose). The speaker ensured that the session was highly interactive by giving different case studies. The students were deeply occupied in the talk and understood what harassment is and what not harassment is. There was a question-and-answer session, where the students asked various doubts regarding the Rules and Regulations of POSH.

The participants were told about POSH Mantra, role of complaints committee, and policy. The speaker has given few case studies and scenarios and ensured that the session was highly interactive. Program ended with Vote of thanks given by Dr. T. Kalaivani, Asst. Professor, Department of Physics & Nanotechnology, SRMIST.

The second session started at 3.30pm and ended at 5.00pm on the same day, 18th December 2021. This session was conducted for the research guides and faculty members of Department of Physics & Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Maths and English & Foreign Languages. Mrs. Raghavi Senthilkumar discussed the issues related to Sexual Harassment with different real time case studies. The Faculty members were enlightened in the aspect of POSH very much.

The members would like to thank Ms. Raghavi Senthilkumar, who is also an external member of the Internal Committee of SRMIST for taking out her valuable time to create awareness among faculty members and research scholars. Both the sessions were fruitful for the participants as it gave them a kind of psychological support.