Workshop On Sous –Vide, The Slow Cooking

Start: 27-08-2018

Chef. Moorugun Coopen, the president of Mauritian Chefs Association along with his team of six other chefs from Mauritius demonstrated on the salient features and advantages of SOUS -VIDE on the morning of 27.08.18 in the auditorium of SRM IHM where the students had a great learning experience by listening, watching, tasting and getting answers for their queries.

Chef MOUGAM PEREATHUMBEE, from Mauritius, addressed the students with a very vibrant talk on the importance of life, path to success, determination to achieve the target, time management.
He was accompanied by DR. Madhu Karteesh, a Siddha physician who is an expert in pulse diagnosis along with whom they have started a concept of Astro Food. He also answered all the questions asked by all the questions regarding the nutrition and the food related to the zodiac signs.
students who received the awards in SICA were felicitated by the Director of SRM IHM and Chef Mougam Perea thumbee.