Three Days workshop On Quantum Computing WQC-2022 (Blended Mode)

Start: 03-08-2022
End: 05-08-2022

Three Days workshop On Quantum Computing WQC-2022 (Blended Mode) Organized by Department of Computing Technologies in association with Qkrishi. Quantum computing is a rapidly-emerging technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for classical computers.

The key objectives of this workshop are

  • The real-world implementation of Quantum Computing and how it has changed our lives
  • Various algorithms and concepts in the area of Quantum Computing with hands-on.
  • Understanding important concepts related to Quantum Computing using polarizers, Operators, Measurement in Quantum Mechanics, Bloch Sphere, Entanglement, Bell states.
  • To work on real-world project with the Mentors.
  • Demonstrate the skill sets those industries  around  the world are looking for, identify skill gaps, and demonstrate the knowledge that learners should acquire in order to design exciting applications that solve real-world problems


Dr. M. Pushpalatha Professor & Head

Computing Technologies, SRMIST, KTR

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Mrs. J.Jayapradha

Assistant Prof, C.Tech.

Dr. C. Jothi Kumar

Assistant Prof, C.Tech.

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