Learning Biostatistics Through Computers

Start: 27-03-2019
End: 02-04-2019

Organised by the School of Public Health, SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

Venue - School of Public Health, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur Campus.

About the Course

The statistical analysis of collected data is an inevitable part of almost any research work/project. Consequently, knowledge of an insight into the basic principles of data-analysis is essential for health researchers. The objective of this course is to introduce the researchers to biostatistical methods and the underlying principles of data analysis. 

Course Content

  • Introduction to Biostatistics: Definition, Types of data, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of dispersion
  • Sampling: Overview, Types of Sampling techniques, sample size determination.
  • Statistical Inference I: Estimation of mean and proportions, Confidence interval, P-Value and its importance
  • Statistical Inference II: Testing of hypothesis for a single mean and two means(Independent and dependent samples).
  • Correlation and Regression analysis
  • Chisquare analysis


    The Pedagogy will follow a participatory learning approach. It includes problem-solving, lecture-discussions, case studies, hands-on practical sessions using statistical soft wares.


    All the participants who attend the program will be awarded a Certificate of Participation by School Of Public Health, SRM Institute of Science and Technology.


    The Dean, School of Public Health
    3rd Floor, Medical College Building, SRM
    Nagar, Kattankulathur – 603 203
    Email: dean.sph@ktr.srmuniv.ac.in,
    Phone: 044-47432530/ Mobile: 8939100014