Two days hands-on Training on The Development of Electric Vehicles

Start: 04-08-2022
End: 05-08-2022

SRM Institute of sciene and Technology organizing "Two days hands-on Training on The Development of Electric Vehicles" on 4th and 5th August 2022 in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

In the 21st century, EVs saw a resurgence due to technological developments. A great deal of demand or electric vehicles developed and a group of engineers began sharing technical details for doing electric vehicle conversions.

The government is expected to mandate the sale of only electric three-wheelers from April 2023 all-new twowheelers with engine capacity up to 150cc driving out of showrooms may have to be powered by electricity from April 2025. Electric vehicles are expected to increase from 2% of the global share in 2016 to 22% in 2030. In India, more than Electric cars, Electric bikes have found a wider hold upon conventional customers. Electric bikes are less expensive, simple in design and easy to use, which offer high compatibility on the Indian roads.

Retrofitting bikes are becoming popular day by day. Traditional bike’s drivetrains are retrofitted with DC transmission systems to transform them into electric bikes. The power of the motor can range from 150W to 1000 W. This technical workshop is developed to enhance the knowledge and skillsets in EVs specifically, the E-Bike domain to fulfill the industrial requirements.

The workshop deals with the following:

  • Overview of EV Technology and Design requirements
  • EV components Selection
  • EV Battery technology and Stacking
  • Guidelines for EV Retrofitting
  • Implementation techniques and skill development for Retrofitting
  • Hands-on training on battery stacking and  retrofittingRetrofitting and fault diagnosis

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    Dr. C. Balaji

    Assistant Professor /EEE, SRMIST

    Phone :9176056974


    Dr. A. Dominic Savio

    Assistant Professor/EEE, SRMIST

    Phone : 9840519852