Merx Mercis - Comfest 2K19

Start: 19-03-2019


Comfest, an event organised by the Department of Commerce of the SRM Institute of Science and technology is conducted every year to enrich the knowledge and to develop various skills of the students. The very name COMFEST is the blend of commerce and festival, which means it, is the festival of the department. It was organised by Merx Mercis, a student association of the department of commerce with the help and support of the Head of the department Dr. Chitra Srinivasan.

The event started at 9.30 am in the morning on 18th march, various competitions were conducted simultaneously in the mini halls of the auditorium. On the other hand the department also conducted Comfazar where the students presented their stalls of various interesting games, handmade crafts and other food items. By this bazaar students learned marketing and advertising techniques. Students donated their profits that they earned through these stalls to the needy. On the first day of the event various competitions were held for the students. A special event called the Best Entrepreneur was conducted which includes four stage. They are:
Adventure capitalist – budget preparation

  • Corporate conqueror – business plan explanation
  • Emblem creation – logo designing
  • Innovative product – showcase of the product model

    The other competitions included are
    Under Management category:

    • Shot gun
    • Hipster CEO
    • Turn coat
    • Be accountable

      Under Marketing category

      • Flash skit
      • Click on
      • Roll up
      • Recycle it

        Under Talent hunt category

        • Mind eye
        • Sketch talk
        • Through journaling
        • Nano battle

          On the second day, 19th March, the event started remarkably with the enthusiastic audience and esteemed chief guests. Welcoming address was given by Mr. John Samuel, Secretary, Merx Mercis Association. Annual report of the department was given by Mr. Praveen, President and Mr. Arun Kumar, Vice President Merx Mercis Association. Ms. Rashmi Sree Pacnhumarthi, Joint Secretary, Merx Mercis Association introduced the chief guest. The chief guest for the event was Ms. Meenakshi Jain, Executive director, COO Miles Education. She gave an inspiring speech about her experience and the motivation which makes students achieve their goals. She spoke about goal setting and the purpose of goal setting.

          Ms. Aarushi Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Merx Mercis Association introduced the Guest of honour. The guest of honour for the event was Mr. Micheal Wagner, Associate Vice President, Miles Education. Every year the department invites alumni as the guest of pride and this year the guest of pride for the event was Ms. Satyasree Rajeeth (Batch 2014 - 2017), Finance operation- Analyst, Amazon, Hyderabad. She spoke about her experiences with the department and about the days when she was a student. She also emphasized the importance and the value of teachers and the importance in the students’ life. She also gave advice to all the students about how best they can make use of opportunities that are available to them in college.

          The department of Commerce encourages its students by appreciating them and awarding them in various ways. The event then proceeded with Prize distribution ceremony which include various categories, they are:

          • Event winners
          • Academic achievers
          • Regularity awards
          • Job winners
          • Best student award
          • Award of Excellence  
          • Appreciating organisers and

            Overall champions, this year the overall champions award was achieved by III ISM.

            After the awarding ceremony the event continued with final year students sharing their experience in the department. Ms. Ahrabie Kirubasuthan of III ISM gave vote of thanks continued with National anthem. The celebration came to an end with delectable meal.