Anaemia Awareness Campaign

Start: 24-07-2018
End: 25-07-2018

Anemia awareness program was conducted by the Directorate of Student Affairs in context with women empowerment and so our students took the initiative of organizing a stall with eatables prepared by them based on Iron rich food.

The stalls functioned on two days on 24th and 25th of July near the Girls hostel along with a team of medical students who also monitored the iron content of the girls who came to the event and then suggested to have the iron-rich foods suggested by our students.

Pamphlets on insisting the importance of Iron to any human body, signs of iron deficiency, and how much Iron does a person need in context with the age was also mentioned. The other side of the pamphlet elaborated on the iron-rich foods both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and also the ways to improve iron from absorption were also elaborated very clearly with relevant pictures.