Research theme

  • Seismic hazard assessment
  • Active tectonic study - Identification of Active fault zones.
  • Geomorphic and morphotectonic anomaly- analysis of geomorphic indices, paleo-seismic evidences
  • Crustal deformation studies and development of deformation model and 3D visualization.
  • Analysis of epicenter data and prediction through ANN model.
  • Quantification of seismic energy and simulation model
  • Mathematical model  through continuum / regression model.
  • Remote sensing based surface fault mapping and geotectonic analysis.
  • GIS based seismic database creation.
  • Development of customized Seismic Information System.
  • Designing seismic resistant structures.
  • Disaster planning and Management
  • Focused Area

  • Sikkim- Darjeeling Himalaya, N-E region
  • Andaman Region,
  • Ponnair basin, South India
  • Gujarat, western India
  • Research Facilities to Access

    Research Team

    Dr. R. Sivakumar
    Department of Civil Engineering
    Prof. S. S. Sridhar
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Dr.B. Karunanithi
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    Mr. Snehasish Ghosh
    Senior Research Fellow

    Research Project

  • All student projects
  • B.Tech

    • Project Title: Seismic vulnerability indexing and design of suitable infrastructure using geoinformatics - sikkim

    Student name: Abhishek Agawal, Jatin M, Kiran Mangnani
    Supervisor name: Dr R. Sivakumar
    Year: 2014

    • Project Title: Design of retaining walls in seismically active landslide prone area in part of Western Ghats

    Student name: Nohit Kumar, Virda Hiren, Siddhanth Mohandas, Abhirup De
    Supervisor name: Dr R. Sivakumar
    Year: 2015

    • Project Title: Analysis, design and ductile detailing of a vertically irregular building for earthquake prone area in kishtwar-doda, J&K

    Student name: Wassim Bhat, Bright Samuel, Neelanjan Maiti
    Supervisor name: Dr R. Sivakumar
    Year: 2018

    • Project Title: Development of ArcPy based customized tool in GIS for Seismic Information System

    Student name: Sreenivasan Narayanan
    Supervisor name: Prof. S.S. Sridhar and Dr. R sivakumar
    Year: 2018


    • Project Title: Seismic microzonation and designing of suitable structures for Assam by integrated geoinformatics approach

    Student name: Aloshree Choudhury
    Supervisor name: Dr R. Sivakumar
    Year: 2014

    • Academic project
    • Ongoing research project (Internal funding)

    Selective Excellence Initiative of SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)
    Project Title : Development of Morphotectonic Spatial Model and GIS based Customized Tool for Neotectonic Study of Andaman Region - A Geological and Geoinformatics approach

      • Total proposed budget : Rs. 270,000/-
      • PI : Dr. R Sivakumar, Coordinator, Earthquake Research Cell, & Professor, D/o Civil Engineering, Kattankulathur
  • Academic projects
  • Research publication

    Journal publication

    1. Sivakumar.R and Snehasish Ghosh, (2017)  Determination of threshold energy for the development of Seismic energy anomaly model through integrated geotectonic and  geoinformatics  approach, Natural Hazard, Vol. 86 (2), 711-740, Springer doi:10.1007/s11069-016-2713-2 SCI (1.746) & Scopus (1.077)
    2. Sivakumar R and Snehasish Ghosh (2017)  Earthquake hazard assessment through geospatial model and development of EaHaAsTo tool for visualization: an integrated geological and geoinformatics approach, Environ Earth Sci, 76:442, Springer Publication IF: 1.569 (SCI) doi:10.1007/s12665-017-6777-4
    3. R Sivakumar and Snehasish Ghosh (May 2018) Development of Active Tectonic Index through drainage pattern and morphotectonic indices using  geoinformatics for South Andaman region, India, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 10, 08-Special Issue, 2018
    Publication in book chapter
    1. Snehasish Ghosh and R Sivakumar (2018) Identification of Geomorphic Anomaly and Morphotectonic Signature to Study the Seismotectonic Activity & Its Impact on Infrastructure Development through Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques,  Lecture Notes in Civil engineering, Springer publication Editors:  Biswajeet Pradhan, (Ed.) Vol. 9, chapter 47, pp 611-627

    Conferences/seminars presentation and relevant publication

    1. R Sivakumar and Snehasish Ghosh (May 2018) Active Tectonic study through morphotectonic analysis using  geoinformatics for South Andaman region, India, International Conference on Theoretical and experimental Advances In Civil Engineering (ICONTEACE – 2018), SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu, India (11-12 May, 2018) presented by Snehasish Ghosh
    2.  S.S. Sridhar, Sreenivasan Narayanan and R.Sivakumar (Feb  2018) ArcPy Based Customized Tool in GIS for seismic data analysis, International conference on research and development in Engineering Science and Technology (ICRDEST 2018), Presented by Sreenivasan Narayanan
    3. Snehasish Ghosh and R Sivakumar (Nov 2017) Estimation of Active Tectonic Index using Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) through Geoinformatics, 9th International Conference of Geomorphology (9th ICG-17), Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India (6-11 November, 2017) presented by Snehasish Ghosh
    4. Snehasish Ghosh and R Sivakumar (July 2017) Geomorphic Anomaly and Morphotectonic Signature  for Seismotectonic Activity & Its Impact on Infrastructure Development through, Global Civil Engineering Conference (GCEC 2017) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25 - 28 July, 2017, presented by Snehasish Ghosh
    5. Snehasish Ghosh and R Sivakumar (May 2017) Quantification of seismic energy anomaly and its significance on seismic hazard assessment through Geoinformatics, 4th International Conference Geography, Environment and GIS for students and young researchers(GEG 2017), Targoviste, Romania, May 18-20, 2017, presented by Snehasish Ghosh
    6. R. Sivakumar, S.S. Sridhar and Snehasish Ghosh (Dec 2014) Seismological Study of Ranjit Tectonic Thrust Zone of  Sikkim Himalaya for the Development of Integrated Geospatial and Neural Network Based Simulation Model, ISPRS Technical Commission VIII Symposium, Operational RS Applications: Opportunities, Progress and Challenges, 09 – 12 December 2014, Hyderabad, India; presented by Dr. R Sivakumar
    7. R. Sivakumar and Snehasish Ghosh, (Feb 2015) Customized Tool Development for Seismic Study – EQIS, Research day presentation at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Formerly known as University) on 26 Feb 2015, presented by Snehasish Ghosh

    Organized Workshop/ Seminar

    • Academic year 2014 -15

    Organized one day National Level Workshop on "Advances in Geospatial & Simulation Models for Earthquake and Disaster Studies” (WAGISM 2014) on 27 September 2014 Organised byEarthquake Research Cell, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, SRM University in  association with IET, ISTE and IEEE SRM students Chapter.

    • Dr.T.P.Ganesan, Pro Vice Chancellor (Planning and Development) and Vice chancellor  i/c of SRM University delivered the presidential address
    • Dr.M.Ponnavaikko, Vice Chancellor, Bharath University and the Guest of Honour, addressed the gathering.
    • Convenors : Dr. R. Sivakumar & Prof.S.S.Sridhar
    • Invited Expert Lectures :
      • Dr.G.R.Dodagoudar, Professor of IIT Chennai,  delivered lecture on Seismic Hazard Analysis and Recent Advances: A Few Case Studies
      • Ms.DivyaPriya, IIT Madras,given presentation on Spatial information system for subsurface mapping for Chennai city : seismic hazard mitigation
      • Dr.S.K.Dash, ICMAM, Ministry of Earth sciences,  focused on Multi-hazard mapping for coastal vulnerability - Importance, Issues and Innovations
      • Dr. S. Sridhar, Anna university discussed on Digital Image processing for disaster studies
      • There was an industry presentation on Geoinformatics softwares at the end of the workshop with demonstrations of the software used for disaster studies.

    The participants were from Indian Institute of Technology -Chennai, ISRO- Bangalore, Annamalai University, GRT college of Engineering and Technology, SCSVMV  University, Tamil University, B.S.AbdhulRehman University, Prathusha Institute of Technology and Management, Tagore college of Engineering, Thirumalai Engineering College, Tamilnadu Agricultural university, CARE school of Engineering and  SRM university.


    Field Visit