About Earthquake Research Cell (ERC)

SRM University established an Earthquake Research cell (ERC) in July 2012 for Advanced Research on the causes for origin, occurrence and prediction of Earthquake by better understanding the geodynamical behavior of this natural disaster on the globe. Further to establish the non-plate tectonics causes for the earthquake through re-looking into the existing causes and to develop computer simulation model for geodynamic character, prediction, prevention and management model to reduce the damages on the Earth. Globally Computing and simulation models are playing critical and enabling roles in addressing many complex problems of earthquake research. Quick to realize this development, SRM University decided to formulate an action plan to develop the existing technology and infrastructure to understand and predict earthquakes with better accuracy.The Earthquake Research Cell is having an interdisciplinary approach towards the goal and the Research Scientific team comprises of Earth scientists, Geophysicist, Civil Engineers, Computer science Engineers, Chemical engineers, Nanotechnology Scientist and related experts. The institute has enough research facilities such as equipment, software and computing systems to address the above.