Women's Grievance Redressal Committee

In the current scenario we find multitudes of women marching towards success in their personal and professional lives. Behind the confidence and strength of these women lies the feminine grace that fights all the odds that come their way... And we at SRMU, where the population of women is on par or even slightly more than that of men, wish to take this opportunity and form a team of leaders who would represent the various problems battled by the students, staff and faculty members.

Women's Grievance Redressal Cell is a growing community of women in SRMU, who share a common purpose to learn, educate and collaborate on ideas that have the power to effect meaningful and positive change while fighting the odds they face!!

It is an expanding network that brings women in SRMU together to learn, laugh, and celebrate their authentic self, their unique gifts and their personal power!!

Who Are We?

01/05/2010 was the dawn of the Women's Grievance Redressal Committee here in SRMU based on instruction of the Association of Indian Universities.

Women's Grievances Redressal Committee

S.No. Position Name Affiliation
1 Chairman Dr. N. Chandraprabha  Director, Health Sciences
2 Vice Chairman Prof. Dr.Poovammal Professor, CSE
3 Members Dr.S.Malarvizhi Professor, ECE
4 Dr. C.Malathy Professor, CSE
5 Mrs.D.Sankari HOD, Biotechnology, Science & Humanities
6 Dr.S.Meera Associate Professor, Biochemistry (Medicine & Health Science)
7 Dr.Kalpana Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
8 Dr.S.Rupachandra Assistant Professor, Bio-Tech
9 Dr.M.Sangeetha Assistant Professor, ECE
10 Ms.B.Hemalatha Assistant Professor, E&I 
11 Dr.K.Santhanalakshmi Assistant Professor, MBA
12 Mrs.Sweety  Backiyarani Assistant Professor, BCA- Science & Humanities
13 Mrs.A.R.Chandrakala Senior Lecturer, IT

Student Representatives

S.No. Members Affiliation
1 Ms.Swati Mutyala III year B.Tech (CSC)
2 Ms.Diwi Dhir III year, B.Tech (CSE)
3 Ms.Shreya Palit II year, B.Tech (CSE)
4 Ms.Rithika Lahari II year, B.Tech (CSE)
5 Ms.Mullai Nayagi II year, MBBS
6 Ms.Sowmya II year, BDS
7 Ms.A.Aishwarya II year, BPT
8 Ms.J.Sherlin Alice Lilly II year, BOT
9 Ms.Kowsalya II year, BCA


S.No. Members Affiliation
1. Mrs. R.M. Rani Assistant Professor, IT, E & T
2. Dr. L. Suda HOD, Physics, S&H
3. Dr. Helen P. Kavitha Assistant Professor, Chemistry, S&H


S.No. Members Affiliation
1. Mrs. Ranjana Dubay HOD, Chemistry
2. Dr. Narmada Misra Assistant Professor, Physics, S&H
3. Ms. Gayathri Pandy Assistant Professor, EFL

Reach Us

Dr. N. Chandraprabha, Director, Health Sciences
Phone: 044-47432552 - 9 AM - 5PM
Mobile Nos: 9940036013, 9381055552, 9444107321From 5PM to 10PM
Mail: director.hs@srmuniv.ac.in

Mobile: 9444107321
Time: 5PM to 10PM
Mail: jeyalakshmi.r@ktr.srmuniv.ac.in