Department of English

In a world where effective English is the visa to success, the globalization of business has brought technical communication to the forefront of academics and industry. Success in this competitive world depends not only on acquiring knowledge but also on developing effective communication skills. The Department of English provides students with vital training to meet the demands of global communication and helps them develop proficiency in English.


The department consists of nine well qualified faculty members. Among them four are specialized in ELT whereas the others are specialized in English language & literature and Advanced level Grammar. The staff are motivated to present papers in international conferences as well as publish papers in leading journals twice a year.
A course in spoken English has been designed to meet the language needs of students who come from China and Japan, at the under graduate and post graduate levels. It aims to improve the student's fluency and ability to communicate effectively in academic, professional and social contexts. The course mainly focuses on the development of spoken and written skills and proficiency in pronunciation, accent and flow of the language.
The department offers (BEC) Business English Certificate (Cambridge University) training program to students at all the three levels ( Preliminary, Vantage and Higher). The department has six qualified BEC trainers. Students are given international accent training practice in the language laboratory in order to grab BPO opportunities.
Research activities are encouraged and the department offers research programs under the supervision of a research co-ordination committee chaired by the head of the department along with the doctoral committee.

Human Resources

The Department has 36 teaching and 3 non teaching staff members. The Foreign Language staff members are 18 in number − 6 for French, 6 for German, 5 for Japanese and 1 for Korean. In addition we have native French and Chinese tutors to give the classes an opportunity for authentic learning.
We are proud of the fact that our faculty get an opportunity to go abroad on deputation for teaching assignments through a nationwide selection process.