About the department


The greatness of a civilization is perceived from its architecture. From skyscrapers that disappear into the clouds to the sweeping domes and towers of historical buildings, we see the hands of genius.

Vision: The school advocates a design philosophy that draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of India while simultaneously embracing the developments in science and technology, to produce architects of international competence. Started in 1992, the mission of the SRM School of Architecture & Interior design is to educate budding architects who will contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of India and the broader global community through responsible participation in the process of design and construction of the built environment.



The school offers the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program of 10-semester duration. The B.Arch degree program at SRM is recognized as one of India's premier and the most comprehensive programs in Architecture due to the thrust on contemporary issues such as sustainability, urban re-development etc and continuous interaction with practicing architects of repute. It also offers a large number of elective studies, ensuring flexibility and a choice-based education tailored to their areas of special interest which may be urban design, landscape architecture, housing, project management, city planning etc. The program is approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi and was the first one in South India to be accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (AICTE), in 2001.


The 4-semester M.Arch (Architectural Design) degree is one of the most innovative programs in India, and it prepares graduates to meet the challenges thrown up by the ever changing needs of contemporary society. This professional degree is structured to educate those who aspire to create masterpieces of complex architecture including large scale infrastructure projects and metro level urban facilities. It aims to train scholars specifically in the design & construction of tall buildings, airports, mass rapid transportation terminals, stadiums and environmental planning projects for large areas.


The School of Architecture is first and foremost about people. Our distinguished faculty of 48 members represents an unparalleled range of design philosophies and visions since they have specialized in diverse areas such as Digital Architecture, City Planning, Urban Design, Project Management, Housing, Landscape Architecture, etc. Some of them have been consultants to various corporate and governmental organizations for a number of prestigious design projects.

Their work is complimented by 10 members of the visiting faculty comprising eminent architects and engineering professionals, who provide the much needed interface with the Architectural profession and the building industry.

Research & Consultancy

Research in School of Architecture & Interior design is about quality, not quantity. Our objective is to create an institutional, people oriented research culture in areas such as Architectural conservation of heritage buildings, urban redevelopment and environmental planning for sustainability. We do this by creating a stimulating, constructive and supportive environment for our staff and students to undertake high quality research. We also portray the school as a center for the highest quality research and scholarship.

The School encourages interdisciplinary research through the following research groups: architectural design, environment & sustainability, history & theory, building science and urban studies. Interdisciplinary approaches have led to many research collaborations, most notably in heritage and urban studies through the Documentation Cell & Research Center, that records and documents heritage buildings of the region. Other than the publications in various journals and conferences by the faculty members, the school has brought out the conference proceedings of 2 National Conferences convened by it. The school hopes to publish the SRM Design Magazine and Studio Works of students to reach out to an international audience in the near future.

Major events and achievements

Conferences and symposia are conducted on an annual basis, bringing together eminent architects and scholars who examine historical or contemporary issues and ideas concerning architecture and natural environments. The conference proceedings & publications further enhance the reputation of the school as a premier institution in this country.

The School convened the national conference on "Sustainable architecture and Green buildings" called NIRATHARA in January, 2008 and the national conference on "Disaster mitigation and management" titled PRALAYAM in November, 2006. It also conducted Quality Improvement Program (QIP) for faculty members of other schools on "Contemporary processes in Architecture" in September, 2006 and a short-term training program (STTP) about "Teaching in the age of Digital media" in 2005, which was sponsored by the Council of Architecture and AICTE. Under the 'Semester Abroad Program' 3 students have been sent to Birmingham City University-UK.

Professional interface

The School facilitates extensive interaction with the design community at large and architects in particular. The architecture studios are enhanced by the participation and guidance of leading luminaries from the profession, who apart from inspiring the students to excel in their creative endeavors, also bring a tremendous quantum of professional know-how to complement and balance the theoretical inputs from the faculty members. The Architecture Association is a student body that ensures Industry-Institute interaction by organizing a series of special lectures, workshops and product presentations.


The School is renowned for its distinguished alumni with nearly 40% of each graduating batch going abroad for higher studies or employment, since 1997. Approximately, about 75% of the undergraduates go on to become leading architects and designers, who are gainfully employed in leading architectural practices in the country and abroad. About 25% of the students pursue higher education to earn a Masters degree in Architecture and allied subjects. Students are employed not only as architects, but also as project managers, contractors, developers, and in fields outside the construction industry. The school boasts of a placement record of over 90% for the last 5 years.