Approved Guide List

Name of the Guide Designation No. of Scholars Presently Guiding Vacancy Available to Guide Guide's Area of Research
1 Dr.Kingsly Jeba Singh Professor & Dean  6 2 Engineering Design, CAD, Feature Based Design, Computer based simulation of Mechanical processes, bio-CAD
2 Dr.S.Prabhu Professor & Head 4 4 Nanomaterials, Nanomachining, Nano tools, Robotics, Optimization 
3 Dr. M.Cheralathan Professor 3 5 Thermal energy storage for solar and building cooling applications, Heat transfer analysis in energy systems, Bio fuels and bio energy
4 Dr.T.Rajasekaran Professor & Dy.Head 2 6 Machining of FRP composite materials, Machining of composites, Testing and Tribology of Composite Materials
5 Dr. T. V. Gopal  Professor 1 7 Biomechanics, Modeling of human foot, Design of orthosis 
6 Dr.M.Gopal Professor 3 5 Manufacturing- Metal Forming, Machining, Surface Engineering, Lean Manufacturing
7 Dr. Shubhabrata Datta Professor 2 6 Composite materials, Biomaterials for orthopedic and dental implants, High performance structural materials, Computational materials, 
8 Dr.S.H.Venkatasubramanian   Visiting Professor 0 8 Computational Mechanics
9 Dr. A. Razal Rose Associate Professor 2 4 Composites and Welding
10 Dr.P.Nanda Kumar Associate Professor 2 4  Structural Health Monitoring
11 Dr.U.Mohammed Iqbal Associate Professor 2 4 Metal Forming,Metal Machining and Joining,Mechanical Metallurgy,Composite and Nano materials,Severe Plastic Deformation, Optimization Techniques
12 Dr.G.Kasiraman Associate Professor 1 5 IC Engines, Alternative, Fuels , Energy
13 Dr.P.Chandrasekaran Associate Professor 1 5 PCM based Thermal energy storage, Nano fluids, IC Machine
14 Dr.M.R.Stalin John Associate Professor 1 5 Machining, Burnishing,Modelling of machining in FEM, Effects of Roller and Ball Burnishing Processes on Ferrous and Non Ferrous Alloys
15 Dr.R.Senthil Associate Professor 0 6 Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Energy Collection
16 Dr.G.Balaji Associate Professor 0 6 IC Engines, Alternate Fuels, Emissions, Energy Sources, After Treatment Processes, Gasifiers, Refrigeration, Renewable energy.
17 Dr.M Prakash Associate Professor 2 4 Micromanufacturing, Condition Monitoring and signal processing, Composite materials, Metal cutting, Optimization techniques
18 Dr. S. Murali  Associate Professor 0 6 Human factors, Biomechanics,  Digital Human Modeling, Psychophysiology, Emotion and Sensibility,Human Vibration, Seating Comfort, Human Computer Interaction, 3D Anthropometry, Sleep Study, Internet of Everything (IoE)
19 Dr. V. krishnamoorthy Associate Professor 0 6 Heat Transfer, IC Engines
20 Dr.Sumit Pramanik Research Associate Professor 1 5 Development of Advanced Materials, Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs), Nanocomposites, Tissue Mechanics, Tissue Engineering
21 Dr.R. Senthil Kumar Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Electronic Cooling, Solar stills, Fluids, Thermal Sciences in a system.
22 Mr.Jitendra Kumar Katiyar Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Surface Coatings, Lubrication Tribology, Polymer Tribology, Micro/Nano Tribology, Engineering Materials, Metal Matrix Composits amd Machining
23 Dr.Pankaj Kumar Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Multiphase flow, Cavitation, Bluff body aerodynamics, fluid mechanics
24 Mr.S.Manikandan Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Solar Power Generation, Solar Cooling, Solar Photovoltaics, Solar Thermoelectric devices, Thermal Energy Storage
25 Dr.G. Rajasekaran Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Atomistic Modelling, Graphene, Nanocomposite, Molecular Dynamics, Nanomaterials
26 Mr.Santhosh Kumar Singh Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Turbulence in wave and current fields, Eulerian-mean flow change due to interaction between waves and a current, Fluid structure interaction
27 Dr.Manidipto Mukherjee Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Fluid Flow Behaviour, Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Metals and Alloys, Statistical Methodologies, Corrosion Behaviour of Metals and Alloys, Material Processing and Alloy Design
28 Dr. Srihari Dodla  Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Multiscale material modeling, Crystal plasticity, Microstructural characterization, Texture evolution, Micromechanical formulation, Atomistic simulations
29 Dr.P.Balakrishnan Research Assistant Professor 0 4 Different types of Jet flows (Pipe jets, Impinging jets, Orifice Jets, Swirl jets), Aero-acoustics, Nozzle flows, Co-axial flows, Flow control
30 Dr. C. Selvam Assistant Professor 0 4 Enhancement of heat transfer using nanofluids, Enhancement of Heat transfer performance of Automobile Radiator and Fuel Cell, Thermal Energy storage
31 Dr.T. Deepan Bharathi Kannan Assistant Professor 0 4 Welding, Shape Memory Alloy, Process Parameter Optimization