R. C. Ilambirai

Designation: Assistant Professor(O.G)
Area: Power Electronics and Drives
Affiliation:  Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kattankulathur Campus, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)
Email: ilambirr@srmist.edu.in


Ph.D. (Pursuing)  DC-DC Converter SRM Institute of Science and Technology
M.Tech  Power Electronics and Drives  Shanmuga Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy, (SASTRA), Thanjavur, 2004 
B.Tech  Electrical and Electronics Engineering Madras University, 2002 

Other Details


  • Analysis of AC Drives
  • Analysis of DC Drives
  • Analysis of Power Converters
  • Power Electronics
  • Linear Integrated Circuits
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Electron Devices and Circuits
  • Control Systems
  • Power Generation Systems

Research Interests

  • Design of DC-DC Converters
  • Renewable energy fed power converters

Selected Publications

  • Ilambirai Raghavan Chandran, Sridhar Ramasamy, Chellammal Nallaperumal, “A High Voltage gain Multiport Zeta Zeta converter for Renewable Energy systems”, Journal of Microelectronics, Electronic Components and Materials, Vol.50,No.3(2020), 215-230.
  • Real-time monitoring and control of flow rate in transportation pipelines using matlab-based interactive GUI and PID controller , S. Vijayalakshmi, C. Anuradha, R. C. Ilambirai, Viswanathan Ganesh , International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive System (IJPEDS) Vol. 11, No. 4, December 2020, pp. 1767~1774 ISSN: 2088-8694, DOI: 10.11591/ijpeds.v11.i4.pp1767-1774.
  •  Ilambirai, R.C., Sivasankari, P., Padmini, S., Chowdary, H. ,"Efficient self-learning artificial neural network controller for critical heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems", AIP Conference Proceeding 2112, 020163, 2019.
  •  Sivasankari, P., Padmini, S., Ilambirai, R.C., “Modelling control power management of grid connected hybrid PV battery diesel system “,AIP Conference Proceeding 2112, 020163, 2019.
  • Ilambirai,R.C, MVVSKHK Sankeerth, Nithin Ramayanam, C.A Uday Kiran Varma, “Implementation of Multiport Zeta CUK Converter”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamic and Control Systems, Vol 10, 7-Special Issue, 2018, Pages1177-1187.
  • R.C.Ilambirai,R.Sridhar, Mayank Verma, JoydeepPegu, S.Vijayalakshmi, C.Anuradha, “Design of Mechanical Arm for Industrial Applications with Record and Play Feature”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamic and Control Systems, Vol 10, 10-Special Issue, 2018, Pages1027-1034.
  • S.Vijayalakshmi, C.Anuradha, T.Hima Varsha Tharaga, R.C.Ilambirai, “Performance Analysis of Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer using Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter during Voltage Sag and Swell”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamic and Control Systems, Vol 10, 10-Special Issue, 2018, Pages1094-1099.
  • Ilambirai, R.C., Dash.S.S., Rayaguru.N.K,”Implementation of a low-cost ac-dc converter for high and low power applications”, International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)Volume 7, Issue 1.2, January 2018, Pages 77-80.
  • Anuradha.C, Chellammal.N., Vijayalakshmi.S., Ilambirai.R.C.,”Steady-state analysis of non-isolated single-input multi-output SEPIC converter for stand-alone applications”, International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive SystemsVolume 9, Issue 1, March 2018, Pages 260-268.
  • R.C.Ilambirai, CH Siva Govindulu, K Vijay Kumar, “Estimation of speed for Sensorless Vector controlled IPMSM Drive using MRAS Technique”,  International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications,  ISSN 0973-4562 Vol. 10 No.44 , pp30938-30942,2015.
  • R.C.Ilambirai, G.Vijay Kumar, Ch. Siva Govindulu, ”Implementation of a position sensorless PMSM drive based on Sliding - mode Observer”, International Journal of Applied  Engineering Research, Research India Publications, ISSN 0973-4562 Vol.10 No.70, pp-154-164, 2015.
  • R.C.Ilambirai , Rajesh Boga, ”Implementation of a low-cost Resonant Boost Converter Connected Photo Voltaic System”, Advanced Materials Research, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland,  Vol. 768 (2013) pp 80-83, 2013.

International Conference

  • Chellammal.N., Ilambirai.R.C., Sekhardash.S., Rahul, K.V.,”Integration of renewable energy resources in off GRID system using three port zeta converter”, IEEE International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications, ICRERA 2016,21 March 2017.
  • R.C. Ilambirai, Karthik Krishna R Nandhakumar N and Biplab Dehingia, ”An Ultra Step –Up DC - DC converter for High Voltage Application”, International Journal of Power Control and Computation(IJPCSC) , Vol 7. No.2 – 2015 Pp.133-142.
  • R.C. Ilambirai, J.Srivigneshwaran, “Efficient control of dc motor by implementing Bridgeless Zeta Converter associated Photovoltaic Cell:, International Journal of Power Control and Computation(IJPCSC) , Vol 5, Pp : 203-209, 2014.

Academic Experience

  • Assistant professor, Dept of EEE, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Kattankulathur, from June 2007 to till date.
  • Lecturer, Department of EEE, Mailam Engineering College, Anna University   Affiliated, Villupuram from June 2004 - May 2007.


  • FDP - 5
  • Workshop attended - 13


  • Life Member in ISTE
  • Member in IEEE
  • Member in ISCA