Faculty Designation Research Interest
Dr. D. John Thiruvadigal Professor & Dean (Sciences)

Nanoelectronics: Electron Transport Analysis of Organic molecular junction: DFT approach Functionalization of carbon nanostructures for targeted drug delivery applications Electrical Rectification effect of Organic molecule: First principle approach, etc.

Dr. M. Krishnamohan Associate Professor & Assistant Director in Admission Nonlinear Optics,Astrophysics and Photocatalysis
Dr. A. Karthigeyan

Professor & Head Incharge

Nanosensors,Hydrogen Storage,Solar cells,Photocatalytic Materials etc

Dr.C.Preferencial Kala Associate Professor

Computational design and Experimental studies in nanomaterials – Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene – Hydrogen Storage, Solar Cell materials, etc

Dr.C.Gopalakrishnan Associate Professor Nanostructured Materials, Magnetic thin films for Data storage application, Multiferroics, Magneto Caloric materials for Magnetic Refrigeration , Magnetic Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery applications,Sensors,Environmental Nanotechnology

Dr. M. Alagiri

Associate Professor Photocatalysis,Biosensor

Dr. T .Vijayakumar

Associate Professor Molecular Spectroscopy,Molecular Simulation,Remote Raman/Raman Lidar etc

Dr. R. Annie Sujatha

Associate Professor Photonics materials
Dr. P. Malar Research Professor Lithography for micro/nanofabrication
Ion beam analysis of inorganic bulk/thin film materials, etc
Dr. Arijit Sen Research Associate Professor Spin-polarized Quantum Transport in Nanoelectronic Devices
Electronic Correlations in Open Quantum Systems, etc
Dr. S. Venkataprasad Bhat Research Associate Professor Optical properties of nanomaterials& Polymer nanocomposites
Optoelectronic applications, etc
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mehta Research Associate Professor GPS RO technique and its applications to atmospheric sciences
Dr.Abhay A Sagade Research Associate Professor
Synthesis of 2D materials by CVD; solution based growth of 
organic & inorganic nanowires, and metal chalcogenide films, etc
Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) characteristics, etc
Dr. T. Kalaivani Assistant Professor (S.G)

Molecular interaction in liquid mixtures (FTIR and Dielectric methods),Synthesis & Characterization of Dielectric & Magnetic Nanomaterials etc

Dr. A. Geetha Assistant Professor (S.G)

Synthesis and characterization of Nanomaterials and Nanocomposite materials,Sensor Applications etc

Dr. A.A. Alagiri Swamy Assistant Professor (Sr.G) Interfaces Engineering (Fabrication of monolayer/multilayer devices),Organic Nanomagnetism & Spintronics
Dr. V. Kathirvel Assistant Professor (Sr.G) Electronic Structure Calculations on Carbon-based Nanomaterials under pressure, High-Pressure structural studies on Carbon-based Nanomaterials etc
Dr. R. Maheswaran Assistant Professor (Sr.G)

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) thin films, Nanofibers etc

Dr. B.Gunasekaran Assistant Professor (Sr.G)

X-Ray Crystallography

Dr.G.Bakiyaraj Assistant Professor (Sr.G)

Synthesis compound semiconductor thin films (ZnO, CuS),Modification of structural, optical and electrical properties of material by ion beam implantation and irradiation

Dr.Alok Kumar Assistant Professor (Sr.G)

High Energy Physics & QCD etc

Dr. N. Angelin Little Flower  Assistant Professor (Sr.G)

Fabrication of polymer-based and nanoparticles immobilized polymer membranes,Membrane filtration techniques to remove bacterial and inorganic contaminants from water etc

Dr. K. Mani Rahulan  Assistant Professor (Sr.G)

Intense field laser-matter Interaction,Nanophotonics and Nanosystems. etc

Dr. Trilochan Sahoo Assistant Professor (Sr.G)

Solar cells,Semiconductor Nanostructures,2D Materials

Dr. K. JananiSivasankar Assistant Professor (O.G)

Computational studies on targeted drug delivery systems for cancer therapy.

Dr. R.M. Hariharan Assistant Professor (O.G)

Molecular Electronic Device Modelling and Simulation, Nano Electronic Device Simulation etc

Mrs. K. Santhi Assistant Professor (O.G)

Synthesis of nanomaterials for an Environmental application.

Dr.Sandeep Kumar Lakhera Assistant Professor (O.G)

Carbon-supported  metal oxide nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications, Solar Hydrogen Evolution etc

Dr. K. D. Nisha  Assistant Professor (O.G)

Nanomaterials for Solar cell applications, Quantum dots for biological applications etc

Dr. P. Sivakumar Assistant Professor (O.G)

Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Biomolecules (Proteins)

Dr. A. Naga Rajesh  Assistant Professor (O.G)

Weather and climate extremes, Regional climate change,  Climate model evaluation, Bias correction

Dr. C. Siva  Assistant Professor (O.G)

Nanostructured materials (Nanofibers, Core-Shell nanostructures), Wet chemical synthesis of nanostructures, Effective bandgap engineering of semiconducting materials etc

Dr.V. Ramesh Assistant Professor (O.G)

Nonlinear optical materials, Metal oxides Nanomaterial, Magnetic Nanomaterials

Dr. P. Suresh Assistant Professor (O.G)

Thermoelectric Materials and Devices, Magnetic Refrigeration, Gas Sensor etc

Dr.M.Renilkumar Assistant Professor (O.G) Structured electromagnetic materials, Active metamaterials and functional devices etc         
Dr.Tusharbhai H Rana Assistant Professor (O.G)
First principle electronic structure calculation of low dimensional materials
Dr.S.Harish Assistant Professor (O.G) Energy devices – Dye-sensitized solar cells, Functional Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials and Devices, Semiconductor photocatalysis for the degradation of organic pollutants.
Dr.Ravikirana Assistant Professor Microstructural / Phase modification in High Entropy Alloys - Effect of processing routesStudy of microstuctural modifications in Steels / Titanium / Aluminium alloys as a function of processing parameters
Dr.G.Devanand Venkatasubbu Assistant Professor Nanomedicine Nanobiotechnology Drug Delivery systems Targeted Drug Delivery systemsTissue Engineering Biomaterials Nanotoxicology
Dr.Vattikondala Ganesh Assistant Professor Chemical synthesis and chemical and physical deposition methods of metaloxyntirides on ITO, FTO substrate, III-V materials: (GaN, InN, InGaN and InAlN), Metal oxide composites for energy and gas sensor applications.
Dr. M. Kovendhan Assistant Professor 2D Materials,  Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin films,  Nanocrystalline Oxides and its characterization,  Energy & Optical Materials,  Surface and Interface Science,  Electrochromic & Solar Cell device fabrication,  Defect Engineering using Swift Heavy Ion Beam Irradiation / Implantation, etc
Dr.Rudra Banerjee Assistant Professor
Material Designing, Disordered Systems

Dr.K. Arul Varman

Assistant Professor  Organic Semiconductors and Devices, Nanomaterials and Perovskites for Optoelectronic & Memory Devices Application
Dr.Bhaskar Chandra Behera M Assistant Professor 
ovel Quantum Materials, Pulsed Laser Epitaxy
Epitaxial Thin Films, Multilayers, and Superlattices
Magnetism, Exchange Bias, Novel Quantum States and Phases at the Interfaces between Dissimilar Complex Oxides, Core/Shell Nanostructures, X-ray and Raman spectroscopy, Materials are of interested like Perovskite, Brown-millerite, Spinel and Pyrochlore Oxides

Dr. Payel Bandyopadhyay

Assistant Professor 
NMechanical behaviour of materials, Polymer thin films
Dr. S. Anbumozhi Angayarkanni Assistant Professor 
Nanofluids, Polymers, Hydrogels, Drug delivery, Surface interaction
Dr.P.Justin Jesuraj Assistant Professor 
Organic optoelectronic devices, Perovskite electronics,
Water Splitting, Resistive memories.
Dr. Meenal S. Deo Assistant Professor
Perovskite solar cells, Dye sensitized solar cells
Solar water splitting, Photocatalysis, Photodetectors, Functional nanomaterials synthesis and thin films deposition
Dr.VenkataRavindra A Assistant Professor
Materials synthesis and characterization
Nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications: nanostructures of magnetic materials, semiconductors, and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and their composites
Conventional and microwave routes to synthesize nanomaterials and nanocomposites  Water treatment: adsorptive removal and photocatalysis
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Tripathi Assistant Professor
Surface Science, Thin Film and Multilayers,
In-situ UHV Growth and Characterizations,
Heteroepitaxial Growth and Self-assembly,
Nanomagnetism and Spintronics,
Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) and Tunnel, Magnetoresistance (TMR),
2D Materials,
Ion Beam Induced Synthesis, Modification and Analysis of Materials, Plasma Facing Materials (PFMs)
Nuclear Fusion,
Laser - Materials Interaction.
Dr.K.Shadak Alee Assistant Professor
Parity-time (PT)-symmetric structures,
Photonic crystals,
Random lasers,
Metal-dielectric structures,
Nonlinear Optics,
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
Dr.R.Ajay Rakkesh Assistant Professor
Electron Microscopy,
Nanoscale Interface Materials;
Metal-ion Battery,
Interfacial charge transfer studies,
Water purification,
Graphene nanotechnology,
Hybrid Nanomaterials for Energy and healthcare applications

Dr. A. V. Radhamani

Assistant Professor 
Materials, Nanomaterials, Energy storage materials, Metal nanocomposites, Thin films, Tribology, CO2 capture and utilization. 

Dr. Boreddy Suresh Kumar Reddy

Assistant Professor  Atmospheric Science
Dr.T.V.Lakshmi Kumar Research Associate Professor
Physical Characterization of aerosols, Size and number distribution of aerosols, Radiative forcing of aerosols
Impact of synoptic meteorology on aerosols.
Dr.J.Archana Research Associate Professor
Semiconductor nanostructures – Preparation, properties, and applications. Dye-sensitized solar cells and Perovskite solar cellsWet chemical and hydrothermal synthesis of metal oxides, metal chalcogenides nanostructures, and their applications. Surface passivation of Semiconductor nanostructures using organic ligands.Thin film preparation by spray deposition, drop-casting and Doctor blade techniques. Synthesis of nanostructured thermoelectric materials.
Dr.E.Senthil Kumar Research Associate Professor Graphene-like 2D crystals: (Mos2, MoSe2, WS2 and WSe2) Van der Waals epitaxial heterostructuresTransport properties
Dr. Mangalampalli Kiran Kumar Research Associate Professor
Pressure-induced phase transformations in electronic materials and exploring properties of novel phases Mechanical characterization of surfaces, interfaces, and thin filmsDevelopment of novel polymer nanocomposites and 
their characterizationNano and biomechanics of various soft, organic, MOFs, and natural materials.
Dr.Chandramohan Research Associate Professor
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene and fabrication of 
graphene/semiconductor opto-electronic devicesGrowth and engineering of transition metal oxides and layered transition metal dichalcogenides (MoS2)GaN-based light-emitting diodes
Dr.Debabrata Sarkar Research Assistant Professor
Electrospinning: Nanofiber formation, Nanofiber Air Filter,
PM2.5 capture, LSPR in Metal Oxide, Discover semiconductors that can convert the energy in sunlight into the potential energy of separated charge carriers, Tuning band position and design defect state, Build an integrated device that makes fuels, chemicals, or electricity from sunlight, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), MLD.
Dr.S.Junaid Masud Laskar Research Assistant Professor
Stimuli responsive tunable soft matter photonics for the development of wavelength tunable random laser.
Active dynamics of colloidal particles under the combined influence of magnetic field and space-time varying random potential- for application of optical manipulation, e.g. sorting.
Effect of acoustic waves on the 3D contact force distributions in granular media as a model system to understand the effect of seismic waves in seismogenic granular fault of earth crust.
Dr.Rohit Dhir Research Associate Professor
Heavy Flavor Physics and New Physics, b-physics within and beyond the Standard Model, p-wave (Scalar, Axial, Tensor mesons) emitting decays of heavy hadrons, Properties (wave-functions, masses, magnetic moments,  etc.) of heavy hadrons, Neutrino physics related underground neutrino nuclear experiments.
Dr. K.Kamala Bharathi Research Assistant Professor Li thin film battery materials, Na and Li ion battery nanomaterials, Magnetoelectric materials, Multiferroic thin films, Rare earth doped Ni ferrite materials, Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline perovskite oxides, Semiconducting thin films, Magnetostrictive materials, Magnetic anisotropy in rare earth transition metal based thin films, Anomalous Hall effect, Magnetoreactance and Magnetoresistance materials
Dr.V.J.Surya Research Assistant Professor Carbon Nanomaterials and its applications,2D materials and functionalization and their applications,Hydrogen/Gas storage,Gas sensors,Chemical sensors,Biosensors,Ionic liquids and applicationsDrug deliver
Dr.S.Yuvaraj Research Assistant Professor
Organic/inorganic hybrid nanomaterials synthesis, Photo-enhanced chemical sensors  (Chem-resistors, Kelvin Probe, Chem-FET, etc), Self-powered and flexible chemical sensors.
Dr.Saurabh Ghosh Research Assistant Professor  
Dr. Varrla Eswaraiah Research Assistant Professor Graphene2D Materials Sustanable manufacturing Polymer nanocompositesProcessing methods Sensors and flexible electronics Energy geneartion and Conversion
Dr.M.Navaneethan Research Assistant Professor
Multi-Functional Nanostructured Materials and Applications,
Dye-sensitized solar cells and Perovskite solar cells,
Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials and Devices.
Dr.Jaivardhan Sinha Research Assistant Professor Spintronics and NanomagnetismOptical and Electrical Investigation of Magnetization DynamicsDevelopment of Ultrathin films and Multilayers for Application in Magnetic Recording Industry, Micro-nano-fabricationMagneto-optical MicroscopySuperconductivity

Dr. Elangovan Elamurugu

Research Assistant Professor Device Fabrication using Cleanroom Setup, Micro/Nano Fabrication using Focused Ion Beam-SEM
Mr. H. Bijo Joseph Scientific Officer Nanoelectronics, Physical Electronics
Mr. P. Gokula Deepan Scientific Officer

Electrocatalyst for ORR, Supercapacitor, Hydrogen storage

Mr. P. Saravanan Scientific Officer

Photocatalytic activities, Photoluminescence etc


Scientific Officer Physics

Dr. E. Vinoth

Scientific Officer Physics
Mr.Sengottaiyan S Scientific Officer Physics

S.G - Selection Grade
Sr.G - Senior Grade
O.G - Ordinary Grade